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Salomon Nordic Ski Snowscape 9 Skin Overview


Customer reviews
Rating: 5 out of 5 1 reviews

Nordic ski set Snowscape 9 Skin + Psp + bindings

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Brand Salomon

Nordic ski set Snowscape 9 Skin + Psp + bindings

Customer reviews
Rating: 5 out of 5 1 reviews on this product
  • Winter 2023
  • Loisir
  • Classic
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The Snowscape 9 Skin is the ultimate ski touring ski proven over many years, it has improved over time and now features an even more comfortable sealskin system.  

What are the characteristics of Salomon Snowscape 9 Skin + PSP cross-country skiing?  

The Snowscape range has been developed to offer maximum comfort and handling. For this reason, the cutting edges are significantly smaller than on other classic skis, and make the practice more accessible to recreational and occasional skiers. The SkinGrip + skin system ensures perfect grip, all with a much higher level of comfort than flakes. The grip phases are easy to negotiate and the descents are done in silence. To add to this, this version is complemented by the new PSP plate system, which allows very simple front to back adjustment of the mounting. To unlock the fastener, simply lift the shoe cover and push a button on the front of the stop. To lock it once the position has been found, simply close the cover. This type of system aims to change the behaviour of the ski and its grip or glide according to the profile of the slope. The binding is moved forward for more grip and backward for more glide. On a ski in this category that is not intended for experts, this is a real breakthrough that provides exceptional comfort in practice. The camber has been specifically designed to make it easier to find the holding area while maintaining a very short ski.  

Who is the Salomon Snowscape 9 Skin + PSP cross-country ski for? 

This model has been designed for occasional skiers who see the practice as a leisure activity and whose goal is the pleasure of the ride above all. It is a very good compromise for quiet days of hiking. In addition, with the PSP binding system the ski is even more comfortable. 

What are the main qualities of Salomon Snowscape 9 Skin + PSP cross-country skiing? 

Choice of size:  

S 40 to 50KG 
M 50 to 65KG 
L 65 to 80KG 
XL 75 to 90KG 
XXL 90++ 


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