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Classic cross-country ski boots for kids

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Buyer's guide for a classic junior cross-country ski boot.

Why buy a pair of junior boots when they grow up so quickly? The children's cross-country ski boots enable children to feel good in their equipment and to make the most of the pleasures of gliding without getting sore feet after only a few minutes of activity. As well as that, since children are more sensitive to the cold than adults, the junior ski boots offer better thermal protection against the cold. So, to get to know the pleasure of family Nordic ski outings, it's better to buy them their own boots. You'll then see how happy they'll be on receiving their first proper cross-country ski boots!

Why should you get "Combi" boots instead of boots specific to the classic style?

We have really understood the dilemma of parents faced with the purchase of several pairs of boots for their children. That's why we preferred to list boots called "Combi".

These Combi boots offer young skiers the possibility of practicing both the skating technique and the classic technique with the same pair of boots.

On these models, the chassis is specially designed to guarantee the foot articulation necessary to the practice of the classic. The cuff enables them to keep the ankle in position and to help the young skier to find their balance, whilst ensuring the lateral rigidity necessary to skating.

Are my cross-country ski boots compatible with my bindings?

In Nordic skiing, there are three standards which offer a different skiing guidance system and some aren't compatible amongst themselves. For the purpose of ease, we have listed two standards. The NNN and the Prolink. These two standards are compatible which allows you to combine a large choice of classic junior cross-country skis and of children's cross-country ski boots.