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Classic women's skis

Looking for buying a new pair of women’s classic cross-country skis with bindings?

The women’s classic ski packages are here for you! They include skis and bindings and we mount them for free! And to make sure every women skier finds what she looks for on Simon Fourcade Nørdic, we are selling a large range of cross-country skis from entry-level to high-end ones meaning we cover everyone’s needs.

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Shopping guide for a classic women's ski pack

Do you want to buy a pair of classic skis with bindings but you're not sure which one to get? Are you nervous about your restraint system? Here's some advice to help you out.

You can find a tutorial about choosing classic skis in the 'Tutorial' section.

What are the different grip systems?

There are three types of grip systems in cross-country skiing - fish scale systems, skin systems and restraint systems with wax. The grip system with wax is designed for knowledgeable and competitive skiers, as this needs a certain amount of experience. They also require daily maintenance, because it's very rare that the grip wax used for one session is suitable for the snow conditions for another. It's still the traditional restraint technique by definition which could be interesting to try out if you're really passionate about Nordic skiing.

For skiers less concerned about performance, skis with skins or fish scales will be fine. Their advantage is that they're always ready for skiing, so there's no need for any specific preparations. They also guarantee great launches. They're perfect for low-intensity outings as well as sporting trips.

Which cross-country skiing range for women should I choose?

The choice of brands has been simplified by our experts. They have grouped the skis in three categories, depending on your level.

The 'Leisure' category is perfect for beginners and occasional skiers. These skis are designed to help you to move around as easily as possible and give you the first sensations of gliding without technical constraints.

The 'Sport' category includes some of the highest-performing skis. It's a long-lasting choice - they're adaptable and affordable, ideal for accompanying you through all the phases of learning and perfecting classic technique. This category is for frequent and competitive skiers.

The last category - 'Race/Expert' - includes the highest-performing classic cross-country skis on the market. Designed for competition, they offer an excellent quality of grip and glide. The zone dedicated to grip is limited by an optimal glide. To handle these skis you need excellent technical skills, as the placement of supports is is essential to optimise your skiing experience.

What size should my classic cross-country skis be?

The size of the ski is an important element in determining its effectiveness. Skis today are made with a camber that allows the grip system to be in contact with the snow during the launch phase in classical skiing, and also limits contact with the snow to improve the glide once body weight is distributed evenly between the two skis. So the choice of a classic women's ski depends on your weight.

Here's a chart for traditional classic skis:

- 45 to 55kg = 187-190cm

- 55 to 65kg = 192-198cm

- 65 to 75kg = 200-203cm

- 75kg + = 205-208cm

These sizes can vary by up to a few centimetres depending on the brand. On the other hand, compact skis don't correspond to this chart at all - they're shorter to be easier to handle and safer for skiers who are just starting out.

How do I choose a binding for cross-country skis?

To make your life easier, we've chosen a list of bindings depending on your skis. You won't have to worry about choosing the right one. You'll only have to choose the binding most suitable for your level by paying attention to the compatibility with your cross country ski shoe.

You need to compare the systems to know if the fastening corresponds to your shoe. If you don't know the systems of your shoe look underneath to determine if you have one or two coupling elements.

If you have two: you're using the SNS Pilot system. The binding is only compatible with this system.

However if you only have one you can ski with several binding systems, the NNN and Prolink.

Be careful not to confuse the two, as binding systems do not necessarily correspond to a given brand. For more information on the subject you can take a look at our tutorial on binding systems written by our experts in the 'Our Advice' section.

Now your classic ski pack will be ready to use!

Once the skis and the binding are chosen, our technicians will put it all together. The only thing to do is wait to receive your parcel!