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IDT Roller ski Skate Élite RM2 Overview


Customer reviews
Rating: 5 out of 5 1 reviews

Roller ski set Skate Élite RM2 + bindings

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Brand IDT

Roller ski set Skate Élite RM2 + bindings

Customer reviews
Rating: 5 out of 5 1 reviews on this product

The IDT Skate Elite RM2 was developed with the Norwegian cross-country ski team. Very technical, it allows to reproduce exactly the winter gesture.

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The Norwegian brand that is making a lot of noise at the moment comes with a new concept. A skating wheel ski 10cm longer. A new way of apprehending the skating wheel ski which is worth the detour.

What are the characteristics of the ski wheel IDT Skate Elite RM2?

The first thing that catches your eye is of course the beam. As long as the beam of a classic ski wheel, it is the number one argument of this ski wheel. The desired effect is a gesture even closer to what we produce in winter. With a short beam, it is possible to cheat a little on the lateral clearance. On such a long beam, you have to deploy your whole leg in lateral thrust like on real skis. Concerning the wheels, they remain in the standards of training wheels, slow and comfortable. They provide a satisfactory grip even on wet ground. Finally, to come back to the beam, it is also very interesting to find forks integrated to the frame because it allows to avoid friction on the asphalt.

Who is the IDT Skate Elite RM2 ski wheel designed for?

The Norwegian cross-country ski team has not made it their summer accessory for nothing. With its longer beam, it perfectly reproduces the skating technique adopted in winter. The pushes must be more frank and we must deploy the leg until the end, the resemblance with real skis is impressive and it is due to the length of the beam associated with slow and soft wheels which will take off from the ground only at the end of the push. It is a wheel ski for experienced skiers because it leaves little room for approximation and requires a well executed swing of the pelvis from one ski to another if you want to find the balance and extend the phases of "gliding".

What are the main qualities of the ski wheel Skate Elite RM2?

- Technically very successful.

- Reproduces the skating technique to perfection.

- The Norwegian know-how.

Technical characteristics :

- Beam: Aluminium.

- Length: 710mm.

- Wheels: Synthetic rubber.

- Rims : Aluminium.

Technical data Roller skis Skate Élite RM2

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