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Roller skis IDT Skate RM2

The IDT Skate RM2 ski wheel is designed for summer training. Its 600mm beams associated with slow wheels make it a ski wheel accessible to all, allowing an interesting technical work.

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Level Sporty
Reference nr H17IDTACC002-SANS
Category Skating

Excellent ski for summer training, it is an easier to ski version of the Elite. It allows nevertheless an excellent work in training and in technique.

What are the characteristics of the ski wheel IDT Skate RM2?

Equipped with a monobloc beam with integrated forks, it limits the weight and the risk of friction due to the screwing of a beam added to the frame. The classic length for a skating ski does not change the standards of use and we will note especially the comfort of rolling that it provides. A comfort that is not unrelated to the choice of soft synthetic rubber wheels. These slow wheels, developed for training, allow a skating technique very close to what we do in winter because they cause a similar speed of movement. Less technical than the Elite version, this skating wheel ski is accessible to all occasional or regular skiers.

Who is the IDT Skate RM2 ski wheel for?

It can be used by athletes for their summer training as well as by less experienced or occasional skiers who wish to maintain their Nordic activity during the summer period. The slow wheels help to work on technique at a speed equivalent to winter skating, which is very important when looking for technical cues. The 600mm beams don't require too much effort in terms of rocking the pelvis from one ski to the other unlike the Elite version which is very well named.

What are the main qualities of the ski wheel IDT Skate RM2?

- Comfort

- Speed of movement similar to the ski

- Norwegian know-how.

Technical characteristics :

- Beam : Aluminium.

- Length: 600mm.

- Wheels: Synthetic rubber.

- Rims : Aluminium.

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