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Nordic Ski Atomic Redster S9 Carbon Plus Hard


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Level Race Expert
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Structure - Construction
Nomex Featherlight SDS
Carbon Race Monocoque
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The Atomic World Cup ski in warm snow and hard camber version, meets specific constraints, rather warm and transformed snow and powerful jigs. A sharp and efficient ski but with remarkable skating stability.  

What are the characteristics of the Atomic Redster S9 Carbon Plus Hard cross-country ski?  

At first glance it may seem very specific, and although it has its own characteristics it is nevertheless suitable for very frequent snows in Europe, with a range of versatility that extends from -2 to +5°C. The warm structure is made to eliminate moisture as quickly as possible from under the sole. It can be used on compact snow as well as on softer snow if we take into account that the ski has been sorted for a weight range between 80 and 85kg. The structure is the same as on the other Redster Carbon models, with a Nomex Featherlitght honeycomb core covered entirely with braided carbon fiber. The ski fits perfectly on compact snow, especially the moisture-laden spring snows found in the morning at the end of the season. The carbon design offers a dynamism perfectly suited to its performance program. The hard camber is made for powerful sizes that need more responsiveness at the end of thrust and a more rigid camber base in order to express themselves fully. The BI 6000 Plus outsole has a warm structure. We have chosen the weight range and structure of these skis to meet specific criteria for the mentioned sizes.  

Who is the Atomic Redster S9 Carbon Plus Hard cross-country ski for? 

It is a pure racing ski made for heavy and powerful sizes, its carbon structure is a real joy because it brings more dynamism without making the ski more difficult. The tolerant character of Atomic skis works wonders over long distances with a behavior that does not wear out the skier and allows him to continue to express himself as best as possible over the miles and accumulated fatigue.  

What are the main qualities of the Atomic Redster S9 Carbon Plus Hard cross-country ski? 

Level of finish 
Specifically selected weight ranges 
Structure of the Atomic racing department 
Choice of size :  

192cm: 80 to 85kg 

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