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Nordic Ski Salomon RS 7

The cross-country skating ski Salomon RS 7 is one of the best models for learning how to skate. Stable and forgiving, it furthermore comes at an attractive price.

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Level Sporty
Category Skating
Structure - Construction
G3 Base
D2FC Digital Dynamic Flex Control
Densolite 2000 core
Optimal mount
Race universal finish
Reference nr H19SALOSKI150

To start skating or for an episodic activity, it is always good to have a ski adapted to a type of leisure practice. Stable and tolerant, the RS 7 allows beginners as well as occasional skiers to find the pleasure of skiing with a ski that is very well placed in terms of price, allowing them to enjoy themselves without constraint.

What are the characteristics of the Salomon RS 7 cross-country ski?

MIs developed with the aim of maximum stability and great tolerance, the RS 7 is equipped with a Densolite 2000 core. Light but not too light, it keeps the ski well anchored in the snow and makes it easier for beginner skiers to grip the ski. With a reinforced camber at the level of the skate it provides a correct dynamism at the end of thrust and well suited to skiers who are still looking for good support. The marked sidecut ensures a satisfactory aggressiveness on the edge grip in skating and offers a feeling of safety on compact snow. When it comes to gliding, the G3 sole is perfectly adapted to this type of model and provides good skating quality by optimizing the gliding phases on each ski. It is a very good compromise for learning to skate in comfort with the assurance of flawless stability. Excellent for acquiring technical basics or for occasional use.

Who is the Salomon RS 7 cross-country ski for?

Leisure skiers, beginners or occasional skiers have with this ski the ideal model for their winter activity. Stable and tolerant, it ensures safe support transfers and maintains a very satisfactory skating comfort. It ensures for this category of skiers a smooth learning of skating before the transition to more efficient models. Its attractive price level is also an advantage for those who are not on the slopes every day but wish to invest in their own equipment.

What are the main qualities of the Salomon RS 7 cross-country ski?

- Tolerance.

- Stability.

- Safety.

- Value for money.

Choice of sizes:

- 161 cm : 37 to 55 Kg

- 171 cm : 50 to 65 Kg

- 181 cm : 60 to 75 Kg

- 186 cm : 70 to 85 Kg

- 191 cm : 80 Kg and +

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