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Salomon Nordic Ski S/Race Carbon Skate Overview


Customer reviews
Rating: 5 out of 5 2 reviews

Nordic Ski Salomon S/Race Carbon Skate

Salomon Nordic Ski S/Race Carbon Skate Overview
Brand Salomon

Nordic Ski Salomon S/Race Carbon Skate

Customer reviews
Rating: 5 out of 5 2 reviews on this product

The Salomon S/Race Carbon Skate skating ski is inspired by World Cup skis. Equipped with new technologies, it gains in dynamism and stability, a real pleasure to ski.

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Like the last S/Max, the S/Race has a very promising new construction that uses World Cup ski technology while maintaining its tolerant character. A high-performance model with the most beautiful sole finish of the brand.

What are the characteristics of Salomon S/Race Carbon Skate cross-country skis?

Some change is certain, but the base of the construction remains identical to the old models with a very light Nomex honeycomb core that has made this range successful for many seasons. The new feature is located on the top layer of the core with the addition of two Thin Ply Carbon Construction inserts, the same carbon plating process as on the S/Lab model. These two braided carbon lamellae are placed at the front and rear of the ski on the most stressed torsional areas. They have the effect of reducing deformation in thrust while promoting stability in the sliding phase. The camber and geometry are also borrowed from World Cup skiing, with the triangular construction and a balanced camber that propels it into another dimension in terms of stability and performance compared to the previous versions. The sole level is also very heavy, with the best, G5 sole with universal structure for maximum versatility. Due to Solomon's DNA, he remains very tolerant, especially on the sliding phases, with a lot of gentleness once the ski is flattened. It is a clever blend of technique and progressive character that make it a high-performance and accessible ski. A revival on this range which takes a major boost and a very nice variation of Salomon Nordic's best technologies.

Who is the Salomon S/Race Carbon Skate cross country skis for?

A vast question, but to answer simply, it is intended for sports enthusiasts who wish to acquire a ski with an exceptional sliding quality and maximum technical guarantees. A very good choice for long distance races because it offers a stability that he did not have until then while progressing in terms of dynamism and aggressiveness in skating. Very beautiful Solomon with useful and effective modifications.

What are the main qualities of Salomon S/Race Carbon Skate cross-country skis?

Accessible and progressive
Choice of size:

170 cm: 35 to 55 Kg
177 cm: 45 to 65 Kg
182 cm: 50 to 70 Kg
187 cm: 60 to 80 Kg
192 cm: 70 to 90 Kg

Technical data Nordic Ski S/Race Carbon Skate

  • Level

    Race Expert
  • Category

  • Structure - Construction

    Protection coating
    Zeolit G5 universal base
    Construction 34 Universel
    Thin Ply Carbon
    Nomex core
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