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Armada Touring Ski Sets

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Armada Touring skis Locator 88 Tan OverviewDynafit Touring Binding Speed Turn Black Silver Overview 10% off
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The Locator 88 is a touring ski from Armada offering a very light weight for the ascent while still offering performance, versatility and confidence for the descent. 

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Armada Touring skis Locator 96 OverviewDynafit Touring Binding Speed Turn Black Silver Overview 10% off
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The Locator 96 is a performance touring ski developed by Armada, offering and excellent power/weight ratio and amazing skiability to send it on easy freeride lines. 

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Armada Touring skis Tracer 88 OverviewDynafit Touring Binding Speed Turn Blue Overview 10% off
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The Tracer 88 is a versatile ski with a touring orientation. Its dynamic construction and profile make it a great partner for those looking to get off the beaten path with a lightweight, high-performance ski.  

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Why choose an Armada ski touring pack?

Choosing a ski touring pack from Armada means taking advantage of all the know-how and freeskiing DNA of the brand, which remains one of the most specialised brands in the field of freestyle, backcountry and freeride skiing. With Armada, you are sure to have a fun and pleasant ski under your feet, even if you choose the touring range where technicality and performance are required. Aimed at enthusiasts, Armada skis also feature neat and original graphics, which you may appreciate more than the simplicity or lack of creativity of more generic or mainstream brands.

Choosing the right Armada ski for touring

At Armada, things are done right. Each ski is carefully crafted, both in terms of its programme and construction and in its decoration. In the brand's catalogue, you will find the Tracer and Trace series. Two families of 4 and 3 skis, for men and women, for those looking and in need of skis that are both stable and precise in a variety of conditions, but that remain playful underfoot and light enough to be used for touring.

Armada Tracer Series

The Tracer series, for the gentlemen, is therefore made up of four skis, with a width that ranges from 88 mm on the thinnest skate to 118 mm on the skate for the group's mastodon. Each ski has its own programme, ranging from fast touring to big freeride. The construction is relatively similar from one model to another, with a Caruba or Hybrid Caruba Core on the Tracer 108 and 118 to reduce its weight by a few grams, as well as a titanium reinforcement under the bindings to increase its sturdiness, and a mesh weave along the entire length of the ski to reduce vibrations without making the slat heavier. In terms of weight, these skis weigh from 1,225 grams for the Tracer 88 (weight for a single ski, length 172 cm), to 1,975 grams for the Tracer 118 (weight for a single ski, length 180 cm).

Armada Trace Series

The Trace series, for ladies, uses the same construction as the Tracer series. However, a Lightweight Caruba Core is found on the Trace 98 and Trace 118 models, which reduces the weight of the ski and allows you to preserve the ""transportability"" of the ski when touring. There are three models in this series: Trace 88, Trace 98 and Trace 108. In terms of weight, the Trace 88 (in a size 162) weighs 1,125 grams, the Trace 98 (in a size 164) weighs 1,475 grams and the Trace 98 (in a size 164) weighs 1,550 grams. Here too, we find skis with a fairly moderate weight, with which we can, depending on the model, go from light and fast touring to committed freetouring. "