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Dakine ski bags

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Dakine Ski Bag Buying Guide :

Dakine's manufacturing quality: Dakine ski bags are known for their maneuverability, comfort and reinforced protection. You can carry your gear safely and store all your equipment in a smart way. The bags are made with the utmost care and like all Dakine bags and luggage, the fabrics, seams and zips are remarkably strong.

The Dakine range of ski bags :

If you want the whole package, with 360° pads and wheels, take a look at the Fall Line Ski Roller Bag models in which you can put 2 pairs of skis and 1 pair of boots, plus storage space for accessories in extra pockets. And for small budgets or for everyday use when you live in the mountains, the Sleeve ski bag will do the trick for carrying your skis easily. And above all, don't forget to check the size... It's better to have a bigger bag than a smaller one!