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Snowboard binding Burton Scribe Blue

Winter 2022

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Developed by Burton, the Scribe Blue is a snowboard binding that will please a wide range of snowboarders thanks to its versatility, its comfort and its good balance between power and playability. 


Year Winter 2022
Entry System Classic
Level Intermediate - Advanced
Category FS All mountain
Compatibility Burton 3D No
Compatibility Burton ICS Yes
Compatibility Insert 4X4 Yes
Compatible insert 4x2 Yes
Reference nr H22BURTBIN1193709
Comfort 4
Reactivity 4
Baseplate stiffness 2
Highback Stiffness 2
Straps Stiffness 2
Sturdiness 3

The Burton Scribe is a well-balanced snowboard binding that is very pleasant to ride. It has a slanted Living Hinge spoiler that boosts your performance while maintaining flex, very comfortable straps for an effective support without any pressure point, as well as a very qualitative cushioning thanks to the sole.  

What is the program of the Burton Scribe snowboard binding?  

The Burton Scribe has a lightweight yet sturdy polycarbonate frame, on which a spoiler is mounted that offers support and responsiveness thanks to its slightly inclined position, while retaining some ability to deform in torsion. So, it's comfortable and allows you to freestyle, but you have all the control you need to get into turns. In addition, the excellent support of the foot, well at the bottom of the fix, provides a great level of precision, keystone of a good control in the descents. Finally, the sole helps you absorb shock and vibrations. So, it's a great snowboard binding for progress and fun on all terrains regardless of your riding style.  

Who is the Burton Scribe snowboard binding for?  

We recommend this model to intermediate and advanced snowboarders who like to vary the terrain and the pleasures, and who are looking for a binding that is both versatile, responsive and comfortable.  

What are the main qualities of the Burton Scribe snowboard binding?  




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