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Snowboard binding Jones Mercury Black

Hiver 2021

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The Mercury Black is the iconic snowboard binding from Jones which is a very high-end model offering great performance and very interesting adjustment possibilities. 


Year H21
Gender Men
Burton rule No
Entry System Classic
Level Advanced - Expert
Category FR All mountain
Compatibility Burton 3D No
Compatibility Burton ICS Yes
Compatibility Insert 4X4 Yes
Compatible insert 4x2 Yes
Comfort 4
Reactivity 4
Baseplate stiffness 3
Highback Stiffness 3
Straps Stiffness 3
Sturdiness 4

The Jones Mercury binding has the particularity of offering two configurations: a freeride mode and a surf mode. The freeride mode is designed to provide the most reaction and control as possible, while the surf mode gives you more freedom of movement and progressivity in the bindings. Either way, it's still a robust, lightweight and comfortable binding, and one of the only models on the market to offer a construction incorporating recycled carbon, in keeping with the eco-design logic that guides the Jones Snowboards. Each Mercury comes with everything you need to switch from freeride to surf mode. On the Surf Series version, the Mercury is directly pre-assembled in surf mode but you can of course ride it in freeride mode.  

What is the program of the Jones Mercury Black snowboard binding?  

The Mercury is a high-performance binding, offering lots of support and responsiveness without being ultra-rigid. Its high-mounted spoiler, which reaches up and wraps well around the calf, gives you total control, while remaining accessible enough to ride all day long without tiring. Depending on the program and your riding style, you can choose between freeride and surf mode by adjusting the position of the instep strap. This way, you can take full advantage, whether linking stylish turns through the pines in surf mode, or carving or freeriding on the slopes. 

Who is the Jones Mercury Black snowboard binding for?  

We recommend this model to experienced or expert snowboarders looking for a high-performance snowboard binding that allows them to make beautiful turns on and off the slopes while maintaining comfort.  

What are the main qualities of the Jones Mercury Black snowboard binding?   




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