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Snowboard binding K2 Cinch Tryst Black

Hiver 2021

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The Cinch Tryst Black from K2 is a women's snowboard binding with a double entry system offering a good compromise between reactivity and comfort.


Year H21
Gender Women
Burton rule No
Entry System Quick Entry
Level Intermediate - Advanced
Category FR All mountain
Compatibility Burton 3D No
Compatibility Burton ICS Yes
Compatibility Insert 4X4 Yes
Compatible insert 4x2 Yes
Reactivity 3
Baseplate stiffness 3
Highback Stiffness 3
Straps Stiffness 2
Sturdiness 3

Thanks to its spoiler that can be lowered, you can put on the K2 Cinch Tryst without undoing and redoing your straps every time. You can fit into your shoes in a flash and no longer need to sit in the cold snow to re-adjust your bindings.  

What is the program of the K2 Cinch Tryst Black snowboard binding?  

In addition to being very practical to use, the Cinch Tryst offers great versatility and a good balance between performance and comfort. You can thus vary the terrain as you wish, while maintaining an excellent amount of reactivity to put some rhythm in your turns and enough playability to ride smoothly or do some freestyle. In addition, the EVA outsole is angled at 3° to provide cushioning and position your joints for less stress, without changing the feel or performance. A pleasant model to ride all day long and all over the resort!  

Who is the K2 Cinch Tryst Black snowboard binding intended for?  

We recommend this model to intermediate or advanced snowboarders looking for a binding with which they can vary the pleasures and terrains while maintaining comfort and enjoying the practicality of a double entry system.  

What are the main qualities of the K2 Cinch Tryst Black snowboard binding?  


Reactivity compromise / accessibility  

Rapid fitting 

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