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Boots DC Control Boa Black

The Control Boa black is an all-mountain snowboard boot developed by DC, offering you great riding comfort throughout the resort, to link up descents and practice freestyle.  

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Year H21
Gender Men
Outter lacing Boa fast lacing
Inner lacing
Fast lacing
Foot Width Large
Boots Stiffness Soft

Are you looking to move up in range but not in rigidity? The DC Control snowboard boots are ideal for this, offering the comfort and cushioning associated with a high-end equipment, while maintaining a well-balanced flex, accessible but nonetheless supportive and responsive. A boot that is super pleasant to ride, incorporating the tightness of a double BOA, the comfort of the White Liner boot with multi-density foam and memory foam, the cushioning of the Impact S insole and the durability of the Contact Unilite rubber outsole.  

What is the programme of the DC Control Boa Black snowboard boot?  

The DC Control is a freestyle/all-mountain boot. Its intermediate flex level offers the right balance between control and playability, allowing you to ride all over the resort while maintaining the playability needed to set tricks. It's a good compromise, with the added benefit of comfort that makes it even more enjoyable to ride and enjoy the slopes all day long. Long riding sessions in perspective, varying the pleasures between descents on the slopes, small off-piste runs and rails in the snowpark.  

Who is the DC Control Boa Black snowboard boot for?  

Accessible from the intermediate level, this model will delight a wide range of snowboarders looking for snowboard boots that are easy to ride and that offers great Comfort. It is really the perfect boot for a freestyler or someone who rides leisurely.  

What are the main qualities of the DC Control Boa Black snowboard boots?  

Great Comfort  

High quality clamping system  

Well-balanced flexibility  

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