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Boots K2 Maysis Olive

The Maysis Olive snowboard boots from K2 allows you to access a nice precision in the supports, while maintaining playability and comfort to vary the rhythms and the terrains.

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Year H21
Gender Men
Outter lacing Boa fast lacing
Inner lacing
Fast lacing
Foot Width Average
Boots Stiffness Soft

On the Maysis, the main tightening is done with a BOA H4 knurl that serves the entire upper, while a second knurl activates the Boa Conda technology allowing the liner to perfectly wrap your ankle for a better fit and precision. Also included are elements such as a 3D Formed EVA insole and a premium rubber outsole with Hashmellow cushioning, all of which provide comfort, cushioning and durability. 

What is the program of the K2 Maysis Olive â€‹ snowboard boot?  

The Maysis has a fairly invigorating flex offering a nice dose of reactivity and support, especially with the precision offered by the quality of its tightening. You're well wedged into your boot and can negotiate your turns with momentum and finesse, even at high speed. Nevertheless, it still retains a touch of flexibility, making it fun to ride and not constraining. This makes it an ideal all-rounder for both committed descents and varied rhythms and terrains.  

Who is the Maysis Olive K2 snowboard boot for?  

This model will be perfect for an experienced snowboarder looking for precision and reactivity on all terrains, without sacrificing comfort. Thus, this model is suitable for those looking to set the pace on all descents as well as for those looking to maintain some playability allowing themselves a few cool rides.  

What are the main qualities of the K2 Maysis Olive snowboard boots?  




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