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Boots Nitro El Mejor Tls Stone Black

The El Mejor TLS Stone Black snowboard boot by Nitro is an ultra-comfortable high-end model with a nice reactivity so you can go all out on all terrains.

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If you're looking for an ultra-comfortable snowboard boot that's rigid enough to let you ride hard on all the mountain yet still flexible so that you don't get tired too quickly, then you will love the El Mejor TLS by Nitro!

What's on the agenda for the Nitro El Mejor TLS Stone Black snowboard boot?

If you like to ride hard and to be aggressive in the curves, the El Mejor TLS will offer you all the support and precision you need thanks to the rigidity of its cuff and the efficacy of its TLS quick-lacing system. You can even adjust your control with the Auto-Power Strap located on the top of the cuff. Despite that, there is still enough flex to give you a good feeling and to make it pleasant to ride. It is fitted with the most upscale Nitro inner liner, the Cloud 10 Liner, as well as a triple-density Ortholite inner sole and a high-quality Vibram you can ride in the greatest comfort.

Who is the Nitro El Mejor TLS Stone Black snowboard boot for?

The El Mejor TLS will make the joy of advanced to expert snowboarders with strong legs seeking a tonic and ultra-comfortable boot to enjoy themselves and ride hard on all terrains.

What are the main assets of the Nitro El Mejor TLS Stone Black?

Comfort and cushioning



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