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Kids snowboard boots

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Burton Boots Mini Grom Black OverviewBurton Boots Mini Grom Black Side
  • £90.91

The Mini Grom Black is a Burton children's snowboard boot offering a lot of accessibility, tolerance and comfort of use. It's really the perfect boot to start with !

  • 8C (25)
  • 10C (27)
  • 11C (28)
DC Boots Youth Scout Boa Black White OverviewDC Boots Youth Scout Boa Black White Side Cyber Days
  • £145.51

The DC Youth Scout Boa is a practical, adjustable snowboard boot with a soft flex and Boa closure system, designed to help young riders progress safely and confidently. 

  • DC Boots Youth Scout Boa Black White Présentation
  • 1 (31.5)
  • 2 (33)
  • 3 (34)
  • 4 (35)
  • 5 (36)
Burton Boots Zipline Boa Black OverviewBurton Boots Zipline Boa Black Side
  • £181.91

The Zipline Boa Black is a Burton kids snowboard boot mixing comfort, flexibility and convenience to kick young riders progression to the next level.

  • 4K (35)
  • 5K (36.5)
  • 6K (38)
Deeluxe Boots Rough Diamond OverviewDeeluxe Boots Rough Diamond Beneath Cyber Days
  • £127.31

The Rough Diamond model from Deeluxe is a children's snowboard boot that is really easy to ride and fun, with a good manufacturing quality for a great riding comfort. 

  • 16 (26)
  • 17 (27)
  • 19 (29)
  • 19.5 (29.5)
  • 20 (30)
  • 20.5 (31)
  • 21.5 (33)
  • 22 (34)
Burton Boots Grom Boa Black OverviewBurton Boots Grom Boa Black Side
  • £154.61

The Burton Grom BOA Black kids snowboard boot are easy to handle and very pleasant to ride with their flexible cuff. With a linerless construction and a BOA lacing system.

  • 1K (31.5)
  • 2K (33)
  • 3K (34)
  • 11C (28)
  • 12C
  • 13C (30.5)
Vans Boots Juvie OverviewVans Boots Juvie Back
  • £154.61

The Vans Juvie is a comfortable, easy-to-adjust snowboard boot for children, featuring a BOA® quick lacing system and soft flex for a forgiving and fun riding experience.

  • 4 (35)
K2 Boots Mini Turbo Black OverviewK2 Boots Mini Turbo Black Side
  • £141.05

K2's Mini Turbo is a children's snowboard boot offering comfort, soft flex suitable for younger riders, quick BOA lacing and an LED-lit sole for added fun.

  • K2 Boots Mini Turbo Black Présentation
  • 1 (32)
  • 4 (36)
  • 9C
  • 10C
  • 10K
cyber days -15% supplémentaires prolongation
K2 Boots Lil Kat Black OverviewK2 Boots Lil Kat Black Side
  • £141.05

The K2 Lil Kat is the ideal snowboard boot for kids just starting out, offering comfort, maneuverability, ease of use thanks to BOA lacing and style with its LED sole.

  • K2 Boots Lil Kat Black Présentation
  • 3 (34)
  • 9C
  • 10C
  • 10K
  • 12K (30)
  • 13K (31)
Salomon Boots Project Boa Black OverviewSalomon Boots Project Boa Black Back Cyber Days
  • Recommended price



  • Salomon Boots Présentation
  • 20.5 (33)
Salomon Boots Whipstar Boa Black OverviewSalomon Boots Whipstar Boa Black Back Cyber Days
  • £136.41

The Salomon Whipstar Boa is a durable, comfortable, and easy-to-use snowboard boot designed for young beginners, featuring a secure BOA® lacing system and soft flex for a forgiving ride.

  • Salomon Boots Whipstar Boa Black Présentation
  • 17 (27.5)
  • 18 (29)
  • 19 (30.5)
  • 21 (33.5)
K2 Boots Lil Kat OverviewK2 Boots Lil Kat Side Cyber Days
  • Recommended price




The Lil Kat is a girl's snowboard boot developed by K2, offering a soft and comfortable flex, a practical BOA tightening system and a LED sole for a dose of fun!    

  • 9C


Buyer’s guide for junior snowboard boots

So, you know you need boots for your kid but you don’t know which ones. Don’t worry, we understand, snowboard equipment brings innovations every year and there are more and more brands making junior boots. Here are a few tips that will help you make the best pick.

Boots specifically designed for kids

Snowboard brands design their boots with kids in mind. They are not just smaller versions of the adult models, they are truly designed for kids, with technologies adapted to them. For instance, they are made more convenient so kids can use their closure systems with their smaller hands or they can enter and exit the boot effortlessly.

As a reminder, here are the different closure systems you can find: the quick lace system, made of 2 laces that tighten the boot just by pulling an ergonomic handle. This system automatically blocks the laces once you’ve pulled them. The Boa is another system incorporating a steel wire that runs around the boot. To tighten it, you need to spin a reel located on top of the boot. It is very easy and very quick. Finally, some boots feature the good old traditional lacing system, or velcro straps, offering a consistent and custom fit.

Comfortable boots, snuf fit for small feet

If you are used to rental boots, shaped by hundreds of different feet which rarely feels comfortable, brand new boots will feel like slippers! Junior liners are made to adapt to the foot that uses them. While you’re riding, your body will create heat, and with this heat, the liner will slowly shape around the foot which ensures optimal fit. The insoles also offer a comfortable dampening and the construction is insulated to make sure kids feet are always warm and happy.

Boots performance

Brands have derived their best technologies in order to offer adapted performance and precision to young riders. Softer and more flexible than adult models, junior boots are still responsive and provide enough support to boost riders progression.