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Snowboard set Xv Split + bindings

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The XV Split is a Rossignol splitboard and signature model of Xavier De Le Rue. For freeriders who want to climb their way up the peak and shred the backside of the mountain.


Snowboard category Splitboard
Gender Men
Year 2020
Snowboard camber Camber + Rocker
Insert 4X2
Shape Directional
Directional shape
SINTERED 7500 Base
Roller Tip
Serrated Edge
Amptek Elite
THC2 CBF2 Core

This is the split version of the notorious XV board, Rossignol’s high-end offering to the best freeriders who want to push the adventure further into the backcountry. Signature model of Xavier De Le Rue and retaining the same power features as the standard XV, this splitboard version allows explorers to climb mountains for reaching the most remote spots and hit the boldest lines. Featuring a super directional shape, setback inserts and a stiff flex, the XV Split performs on the most complex terrains without ever letting you down. 

What can the Rossignol XV Split board do?

If nothing satisfies you more than a line on powder, if you can’t stand queuing for the lifts and you slalom through rocks and trees rather than through skiers, then you’re probably made for riding the XV split. Powerful and stiff, the board offers tons of response and control whatever the terrain. From silky powder to crud and moguls, the XV Split plows its way through the mountain and remains a responsive ride suited for the most demanding riders. 

Who is the Rossignol XV Split board designed for?

The Rossignol XV Split will make advanced and expert freeriders happy. If you love spending time in the backcountry, if you like skinning your way up but you don’t want to compromise performance on the downhill, if you like to charge hard and fast in all conditions, then this splitboard is for you. 

What are the main assets of the Rossignol XV Split board?


Edge grip

High performance

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