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DC snowboard sets

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DC Snowboard Andy Warhol Biddy OverviewDrake Snowboard Binding Jade Black Overview
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The DC AW Biddy snowboard, an Andy Warhol special edition, is a forgiving, manoeuvrable, and versatile board designed for beginner and intermediate level female snowboarders. 

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DC Snowboard Andy Warhol Ply OverviewBurton Snowboard Binding Freestyle Black Overview
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The DC AW Ply snowboard is a high-performance, Andy Warhol special edition board with a traditional camber, ideal for advanced riders seeking aggressive riding and freestyle fun.

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DC Snowboard Andy Warhol PBJ OverviewBurton Snowboard Binding Freestyle Black Overview
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The DC AW PBJ snowboard is a twin-tip shaped snowboard with a traditional camber profile, offering optimal grip, stability, and amazing pop for intermediate to advanced level snowboarders. 

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DC: mostly freestyle boards

DC has a strong skate identity, the DC Shoes snowboard range includes mostly freestyle-oriented boards. Here’s a presentation of some models from the American brand.

Kicking things of with men’s models such as the PBJ and Ply, perfect for intermediate to advanced level riders. These two twin tip boards are versatile, manoeuvrable, and playful models, ideal for freestyle snowboarding in the terrain park and riding in the entire mountain. Symmetrical shapes are perfect for riding switch, opening up options by landing tricks both ways. Their traditional camber provides good grip on hardpack, as well as pop for bigger ollies.

DC has also boards for women, such as the DC Biddy for beginner and intermediate snowboarders seeking an all-mountain freestyle board. Its reverse camber promotes pivots and makes the board very pleasant in fresh snow. A forgiving and versatile board to progress easily and have a blast on every terrain.

DC offers models for snowboarders seeking versatile boards with a bias toward freestyle. Snowboards to send tricks in the park, on side hits and in the backcountry.

DC snowboard

How to choose your DC snowboard set?

Choosing the right pack starts with choosing the right board. To do this, you must consider your skill level and what you enjoy riding. This will allow you to find a board that suits your needs. Then check that your size is available. If you’re not sure how to pick the right size, our guide to choose a snowboard can help you. For bindings, we always offer models adapted to the board’s intended use. Buying a snowboard pack with bindings allows you to enjoy the best prices on snowboarding gear, while being certain of riding a coherent set that performs well. If you’re not sure, contact our experts via phone, e-mail, or chat, or come see us in the store. Our team is here to help you make the right choice.

The DC snowboard Team

The American brand sponsors riders of various profiles and origins. You’ll find American, Japanese, and European snowboarders in the DC team. Having a strong freestyle identity and rich history in skateboarding, most of its riders are freestylers.