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Snowboard K2 Party Platter

Intermediate - advanced
Freeride all-mountain
Hiver 2021

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The Party Platter model from K2 is an ultra-purpose snowboard designed for freestyle/all-mountain riding, offering lots of reactivity and playability on all types of snow.


Snowboard category Freeride All-mountain
Gender Men
Year H21
Snowboard camber Camber + Rocker
Insert 4X2
Shape Directional

The K2 Party Platter is a rather special snowboard because it combines a freeride directional shape, a larger than average width and a well centered foot position like on a freestyle board. Its width makes it possible to be ridden shorter for better manoeuvrability and playability, which is why we recommend that you choose it shorter than your usual board size. For example, someone who usually rides in a 158 or 159 may choose the Party Platter in 152.   

What is the program of the K2 Party Platter snowboard? 

The Party Platter is a light and tonic board thanks to its short size and its BAP Core wood offering a good power to weight ratio. It is reinforced in its center by a carbon Ollie Bar which, as its name suggests, provides more Ollie pop! This construction combined with a classic camber provides grip, responsiveness and stability on the piste and in the snowpark. It's great for linking cut turns, adding rhythm to descents and launching on kickers. The Party Platter remains low energy consuming and also flexible enough on the spatulas for fun doing the press. Finally, you'll appreciate the flotation and lift offered by the width of the board, the directional shape and the rockers on the paddles, enabling you to enjoy the fresh off-piste snow when conditions permit.  

Who is the K2 Party Platter snowboard for?  

Accessible from the intermediate/confirmed level, this model will delight snowboarders looking to vary the terrain while offering lots of freestyle playability. Both very balanced and versatile, low energy consuming, the Party Platter offers a great margin for progress and great sessions in perspective!  

What are the main qualities of the snowboard K2 Party Platter?  




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