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Snowboard K2 Raygun Pop

Intermediate - advanced
Freeride all-mountain
Hiver 2021

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The Raygun Pop is a K2 snowboard that offer great versatility with great responsiveness throughout the resort, while maintaining comfort and playability.


Snowboard category Freeride All-mountain
Gender Men
Year H21
Snowboard camber Traditional
Insert 4X2
Shape Directional

By using the same shape and construction as the Raygun K2 but switching from a flat camber to a classic camber, the Raygun Pop improves its aggressiveness and responsiveness. It's still an accessible and progressive board that will delight a wide range of snowboarders.  

What is the Raygun Pop K2 snowboard's program?  

With this classic camber, the Raygun Pop holds the edge better on hard snow, providing more aggressiveness on the piste and allowing you to get into carving. You get more out of the construction, gaining stability at high speed but also increasing the pop during ollies. On and off-piste, the classic camber provides slightly less flotation than the flat camber Raygun, but this Raygun Pop still has a good edge thanks to the generous rocker in the front spatula and the slightly backward foot position. This makes it a versatile board, ideal for all-mountain riding where the rhythms and terrain vary. You can even do a bit of freestyle, as the board remains fairly balanced in switch and the flex of the spatulas makes it easy to place presses. 

Who is the Raygun Pop K2 snowboard for?  

This model is designed for intermediate/confirmed snowboarders looking for a board they can ride technically and set the pace on the slopes, while maintaining playability and great freestyle options.  

What are the main qualities of the Raygun Pop K2 snowboard?  




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