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Snowboard Nidecker Liberty

Intermediate - advanced
Freeride all-mountain
Hiver 2021

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The Liberty is a vintage snowboard from Nidecker that mixes 1987 graphics with a classic and efficient shape, as well as great performance offered by modern materials.


Level Intermediate - Advanced
Snowboard category Freeride All-mountain
Gender Men
Year H21
Snowboard camber Camber + Rocker
Insert 4X2
Shape Directional
Pop 4
Grip 4
Stability 4
Stiffness 3

It does not go unnoticed with its retro look, as much in the shape as in the graphics. Loaded with history, this snowboard is nonetheless a great board to ride, offering superb curving sensations on hard snow as well as on fresh snow.  

What is the program of the Nidecker Liberty snowboard?  

The Liberty has a very directional shape, with a pointed nose and a fishtail shaped rear. You can also notice the thinner center, with a parabolic shape that allows you to vary the turns and to easily turn short on hard snow. It's a very manoeuvrable board that's designed for the curve. Between its setback foot position, its front spatula rocker and its flex well balanced between power and comfort, you can link turns with a disconcerting fluidity whether you're on piste or off piste in powder snow. It's a real treat, whether for leisurely carving or for slaloming between pines.   

Who is the Nidecker Liberty snowboard for?  

This old school model is designed for snowboarders looking to relive the golden age of snowboarding, for dads nostalgic for their younger years or simply for experienced snowboarders looking for an original board, easy to handle and powerful on all terrains.  

What are the main qualities of the Nidecker Liberty snowboard?  

Retro and efficient shape  



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