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Snowboard Rossignol Xv Sashimi Lg

Advanced - expert
Freeride all-mountain
Hiver 2021

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The Rossignol Sashimi snowboard combines performance and playability with an original shape designed for a versatile practice, halfway between all-mountain, backcountry and freeride 


Level Advanced - Expert
Snowboard category Freeride All-mountain
Gender Women
Year H21
Snowboard camber Camber + Rocker
Insert 4X2
Shape Directional
Pop 4
Grip 4
Stability 4
Stiffness 2

The Sashimi features a highly directional shape designed for curves and versatility, as well as a construction that offers stability and responsiveness while allowing the snowboarder to maintain playability and comfort in the supports. Its 7,500 sintered sole guarantees a good quality of glide.  

What is the Rossignol Sashimi snowboard programme?  

With lots of volume and rocker at the nose and a tail that tightens and loses in rocker, the Sashimi is a board designed above all to enable you trace in the powder. It offers an excellent flotation, allowing you to launch effortlessly and make turns easily. It's really the best board for slaloming in the snow between the pines, but it also performs very well on the piste. Its classic camber ensures a good grip and you can negotiate precise cut turns, carve and put speed on all the slopes of the resort. It performs well, but is also pleasant to ride, thanks to a flex that maintains the flexibility of the front spatula for easy turn initiation and thanks to the urethane inserts in the shell that help absorb the vibrations.  

Who is the Rossignol Sashimi snowboard designed for?  

This model is designed for experienced or expert snowboarders who like to ride fast and vary the terrain, but are looking to maintain a comfortable ride and maximum manoeuvrability. Its alternative shape will attract those who like to stand out or who want to buy a second board to discover new sensations.  

What are the main qualities of the Rossignol Sashimi snowboard?  




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