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Snowshoes TSL Symbioz Hyperflex Hiker 2 M

These Symbioz Hyperflex Hiker 2 M all-terrain snowshoes by TSL deliver high performance on all terrains and reliefs. Ultra light and comfortable.

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Category Alpine trekking
Reference nr H19TSLACC046-SANS

The Symbioz Hyperflex Hiker 2 snowshoes delivers unparalleled foot roll thanks to its specific profile. This high-end product features carbon reinforcements make it super light and a great energy saver.

Suited for long distance hikers, these snowshoes deliver high performance and traction thanks to the front teeth.

What are the keypoints of the TSL Symbioz Hyperflex Access snowshoes?


Natural walk motion:

Hyper flexible and very lightweight, ergonomic bindings, the Symbioz snowshoes adapt to all terrains and deliver a natural foot roll. Flexy and responsive, they deliver a great freedom of movement.


Carbon reinforcements deliver the right flexibility and store the energy during flexion to give it back through the kick. This gives you more power while saving your energy. They also reduce vibrations which allow your muscles to relax and creates fatigue.


Probably the grippiest snowshoe ever. Combined with the vertical blades, bidirectional steel crampons deliver the ultimate traction while ascending or descending and offer a solid lateral hold. The flexibility allows the chassis to adjust to terrain changes for a more secure and stable feel. Front claw enhances traction on steep uphills.
Features 8 removable stainless steel crampons.


Size adjustments are super easy to dial in and the Easy Ascent heel lifts make the uphill bits of your hike a lot easier.


Tech specs:

  • Flexible binding allows for natural foot roll
  • Lock Adjustment: easy to use, this system memorizes your settings so you don't have to adjust every time you go out.
  • Front strap closure
  • Lateral Adjust: lateral adjustment to any shoe width
  • Ankle preset: allows you to adjust ankle comfort strap on the boot and memorize its position
  • Ratchet ankle strap for a quick, precise and powerful closure
  • Bi-material comfort strap
  • Noise and shock absorbers
  • EASY ASCENT heel lifts adjustable with pole.
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