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The TSL brand saw the light of day in 1981 in the French Alps and more precisely in the small village of Thônes. Specialized in snowshoes since its very beginnings, TSL relies on old wooden snowshoes to create ultra-modern plastic snowshoes that are both light, durable and performant. The first TSL snowshoe to come out of the factory was the JCB, a versatile model destined for leisure and sportive use alike. However, the JCB model was still as a pretty sober snowshoe with a simple rubber strap and it quickly reached its limits downhill. We would have to wait until 1990 for TSL to launch its famous 225 RANDO model, a technical snowshoe with an articulated fastening system. All of a sudden, foot support became very effective and hyper practical thanks to an adjustable strap, comfort also made a huge step forward with a new profiled design that would soon become TSL’s signature. The 225 RANDO also revolutionized its world with its heel lift that helped going through elevation changes like it was nothing. Since the 2000’s, TSL OUTDOOR is still innovating and now exports its products all over the world. The latest flagship of the brand is the TSL SYMBIOZ snowshoe unveiled in 2013. This new snowshoe concept is based on an Hyperflex structure with a trimmed decking allowing an ultra-ergonomic foot roll that will make you feel like you are truly one with nature. But TSL OUTDOOR, that’s also some atypical products like the Yooner, a new-generation of sledges that’s super easy to control and will give you unique sensations. TSL offers a whole range of winter sledges suited to each member of the family. From the shovel sledge to the baby one with harness, the TSL range is full of well-finished products to have fun all winter long.

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