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What length for freeride skis ?

Freeride skis are designed for skiing off piste on powder, crud or any ungroomed conditions you may find on the mountain. In order to be good at it, these skis feature generous sidecuts with a wide waist sizing between 95 and 140mm. They have a directional shape and often come with big rockers in the tip and a flat tail for more control.

If you are interested into twin-tipped wide skis for practicing your freestyle backcountry skills, check out our buyer's guide for FS BC skis.

In order to maintain stability on deep snow at the highest speeds, one of the most basic rules is to choose a long freeride ski. Pick a length somewhere between +5 and +15cm over your height and you should be good.

At Glisshop, our freeride skis are split into two categories:

  • 60%-powder freeride skis
  • 80%-powder freeride skis

What length for your freeride skis?

Length for a freeride ski

What length for a 60%-powder freeride ski?

In this category, you can find the most versatile freeride all-mountain skis. They allow you to discover the joys of off-piste skiing and progress your all-mountain game. They generally feature a reasonable waist width allowing occasional on-piste sessions. We recommend a ski length ranging from 5 to 10cm over your height.

What length for a 80%-powder freeride ski?

This category carries the widest skis available on the market. They are designed with powder and deep snow in mind. They offer optimal floatation and performance allowing for hitting the fall line with confidence. Do not hesitate to pick a longer length. An extra 10 or 15cm over your height are welcome. This longer surface will give you extra float and added stability at high speeds. You will also appreciate it when landing a cliff drop.
60% or 80% powder? At Glisshop, you can find an incredible range of freeride skis. And don't forget, freeriding means taking risks as you are off piste. Always make sure you practice in the safest possible conditions. A good start would be to get yourself one of our mountain safety package including a transceiver, an avalanche probe and a shovel. You can even add an avalanche backpack to maximise your chances of staying afloat in an avalanche.