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Oakley ski goggles

Check out our selection of Oakley goggles. Whether you're into skiing or snowboarding, Oakley products deliver the best optical performance. From their spherical lenses to their frameless models, Oakley is one of the most renowned goggle manufacturers for a very good reason: they keep releasing high-quality products every year and lead innovation with their new technologies. Oakley built its reputation on sunglasses which you can browse to complete your outfit!

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Why buying Oakley ski goggles?

The Oakley brand is renowned all over the world for the impressive quality of its ski and snowboard goggles. Comfort, protection and optical clarity, Oakley has it all!.

High Definition Optics®, Oakley’s certification for optical clarity:

All Oakley lenses, whether they are mounted on sunglasses or ski goggles, are certified High Definition Optics. This HDO certification meets or exceeds all the criteria of the American National Standards Institute which defines the norms for optical performance. This is our way of saying that the Oakley glass offers the clearest, sharpest and most precise vision possible.

The Prizm technology, a must when it comes to visibility:

The Prizm™ lenses are the best Oakley has to offer. By sharpening the contrasts, outlining the edges and playing with the differences between textures, the Oakley Prizm technology considerably enhances your visibility and judgement on the terrain. The Prizm™ lenses are available in 6 different shades suited for each lightning condition.

Flexible and comfortable frames:

All Oakley ski goggles are equipped with flexible O-Matter® frames covered in foam. These frames adapt perfectly to the shape of your face without creating pressure points for maximum comfort.

An integrated anti-fog system to wave goodbye to mist:

Integrated on some of the high-end Oakley models, the Oakley Inferno technology is a micro-electronic defogging system that gets rid of traces of humidity in mere seconds. Its design is simple and intuitive: just press a button to activate the system as you start the day and another everytime you want to demist. A 3-minute cycle will start, eliminate the mist and then stop automatically.

Should I get goggles for each lightning condition?

It won’t be practical to bring good-weather, covered weather and bad-weather goggles along. So, if you want to make the most of the pistes and the mountain at any time, Oakley offers models featuring a quick and effective lens swapping system.

For example, with the Ridgelock system on the Oakley Fall Line, all you have to do is to remove your lens and to clip your spare one on the empty frame. It's super easy to do and there's no risk of damaging your lens or frame.

Now, another brand and another technology: the Oakley Airbrake goggles with their Switchlock system manage to be even more intuitive. Two little levers placed on the side of the frame allow you to release the lens. Just put your spare lense in there instead, pull the switches and you’re ready to ride!

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