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How to choose your Julbo goggles?

Don’t rush and buy the first ski or snowboard goggles you see, take a bit of time to define what you really need first. Did you know goggles ranked in 4 classes, from 1 to 4, telling you about how much light they can filter? To make things simple, you need to know that on a day with low light (cloudy weather for instance), you need a class 2. On a bright sunny day, you will want a class 3 offering more protection. And if you’re going for the high alpine and spend entire days on glaciers then a class 4 is advisable.

Each goggles have unique properties, this is why light conditions are so important and we know they can vary a lot and fast. One of the options can be owning two goggles with different lenses on. One with a low class, one with a high class, but we know it can be annoying to carry both. This is why Julbo developped Zebra, SnowTiger and Cameleon lenses, all photochromic meaning they automatically adjust to varying light conditions. You can start the day in the dark and finish under a blue bird sky and always have optimal protection on your eyes!

Julbo photochromic lenses take care of everything, all you have to do is choose the tint of the lens. The most traditional ones are yellow or orange, they increase brightness and contrasts, or you can go for a grey or brown ones, these keep colours intact.

Julbo goggles also feature dual-lens systems and venting systems to prevent from fogging. Lenses are also coated with an anti fogging treatment for added performance. We recommend not to wipe them inside when they are wet or you’ll take this coating off. Wait for them to dry naturally and if needed, wipe gently with a soft cloth. Julbo’s latest innovation is the Aerospace ski goggles. They feature a high end venting system, specifically designed for tourers who create a lot of heat when climbing.

Of course, all of Julbo lenses filter 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays and provide optimal protection. And if you wear glasses you will be happy to know that Julbo has OTG ski goggles (Over the Glasses) meaning you can wear your glasses AND your goggles at the same time!

Buy your julbo ski goggles

Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)
Julbo Goggles Plasma Blanc Cat.2
instead of £25.12
- 20 %
Julbo Goggles Plasma Noir Cat.3 OTG
instead of £37.80
- 20 %
Julbo Goggles Universe Noir / Gris Cameleon
instead of £142.72
- 10 %
Julbo Goggles Airflux Bleu Orange Spectron 3 Flash Bleu
instead of £92.32
- 20 %
Julbo Goggles Equinox Noir Spectron 2 Flash Argent
instead of £54.60
- 20 %
Julbo Goggles Pioneer Bleu Spectron 2 Rose
instead of £54.60
- 20 %
Julbo Goggles Eris Rose Triangle Spectron 3
instead of £33.52
- 20 %

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