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Boot bag Lenz Heat Bag 1.0

The Lenz Heat Bag 1.0 ski boot warmer not only warms up your ski boots before putting them on, but also allows them to dry out at the end of the day

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Year H21
Reference nr LENZ0275755

The Heat Bag 1.0 from Lenz allows you to dry your ski boots, snowboard boots, gloves or mittens at the end of the day. It can be plugged into the 220V mains supply or into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle, and also allows you to preheat your gloves before putting them on.Equipped with a handle, a shoulder strap and straps, this bag can be carried by hand, on the shoulder or as a backpack.

Why does Glisshop advise against preheating ski boots or snowboard boots?

Although the rigidity of ski boots or snowboard boots does not make it easy to put them on, it is nevertheless essential to effectively wrap the feet and ankles. Ski boots and snowboard boots fit better if they are allowed to warm up on contact with the feet, which is why they often need to be tightened after a few runs.

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