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Lib Tech

Lib Tech is an american brand founded by Mike Olson in the early 80's. The brand has its proper and unique style and the best kept secrets regarding its technologies. Lib Tech snowboards are synonyms of innovations. Do you remember the Banana Technology reverse camber released in 2006? Or better, the Magne Traction edges in 2002? These were a first. These techs have been derived and adapted for most brands on the market, it brought a second life to snowboarding by making boards more playful and more versatile. Travis Rice is the brand's iconic rider and shows the world what their products can do. Thanks to him, Lib Tech belongs to every best snowboard videos and movies and competitions. The rider can send mind-bending tricks on scary steep powdery slopes, he is the performance signature of the brand. He has his own line of products including high performance all-mountain snowboards. Jamie Lynn is another name you may hear in Lib Tech's world and he has his own signature models too. Top this all up with eco-friendly constructions to make sure you ride nature without destroying it, and you get certainly one of the best brands available in the industry. Lib Tech snowboard are renowned for their incredible look and for their unparalleled feel on the snow. By the way, you should know the brand's slogan: 'The World's best boards!'. They made their point didn't they. Ask any rider who owns a Lib Tech snowboard set, he'll probably agree. And since they've been so good, Lib Tech decided to spread the love to skiers as well, in 2011 they launched their first line of skis featuring the same techs and same know-how. Playful, good-looking and clearly oriented towards powder, their skis will give you a blast!

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Lib Tech

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