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Men's down jackets

Looking for a new down jacket?

Check out our selection of trendy models coming from the best brands in the industry, including The North Face, Picture Organic Clothing or Salomon. The down jacket is essential during winter, it is light, warm and provides tons of style!

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How to choose your men's down jacket?

It's not necessarily easy to tell the difference between all the down jackets on the market but there are a few criteria you should take into account before buying yours: insulation composition, water repellency, impermeability and breathability. Each down jacket has very specific characteristics and here's how you can choose the right one depending on your needs.

What insulating material is the best for your down jacket?

If you want a warm down jacket, you need a good insulating material. It plays a primordial role as it is your main barrier against the cold. There are two kinds, natural or synthetic.

Natural insulating materials are made of down and/or real feathers. These down jackets are warmer while being lighter and less voluminous. Big names of the high-mountain equipment field such as Patagonia and Peak Performance favours natural insulating materials for their down jackets. For its part, Pullin offers a down-jacket collection that's more suited to the city. Natural insulating implies a higher cost as well as a more constraining maintenance due to the sensitivity to water.

On the opposite, synthetic down jacket will stay warm even if they are wet. With the emergence of new technologies, their weight and volume problems have been resolved but obviously, it had a little impact on the price. The most popular type of fabric is the PrimaLoft that is used on his own on the most sober Oakley models and on the most affordable Helly Hansen. A Thermoball Primaloft was also developed by The North Face and it offers the advantages of down without the inconvenients. Primaloft can also be combined with other materials to increase the warmth of the clothing. The Picture brand for example, offers an ecologic version made with recycled bottles combined to Polartec or Dupont Sorona technologies.

What are the necessary water repellency, impermeability and breathability for your men's down jacket?

Besides insulation, you also need to take these three other parameters into consideration to choose your down jacket. The majority of down jackets at least have a Durable Water Repellent treatment and let water slide on the surface of the fabric. If you plan to face more extreme conditions, it would be best to opt for an impermeable model with good breathability. Ideally letting the air go through without letting water go in. Black Crows, for example, proposes a down jacket with a Gore-Tex 3-layer membrane to keep you warm and dry.

On its side, Salomon will provide you the ultimate versatility with the SoftShell technology, a material that's at the same time resistant to bad weather, highly breathable and extensible to follow your movements. It's a reversible down jacket with two levels of warmth to choose from.

What are the other elements to take into consideration?

Some little details also have their importance. A down jacket that protects from the wind will be a true asset at higher altitudes. Stretchable materials are preferable for a sporting use, Dynafit models represent a good solution in this case. And when it comes to looks and accessories, you decide: with our without sleeves, hood, reversible, streetwear or sportwear…

It is important to note that your needs will evolve according to your activity and the temperatures you will be facing.