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Women's thermal underwear

How about cranking up comfort with new thermal underwear?

Under Armour, Helly Hansen, Icepeak…every main brands of technical underwear are available in our women corner. Just pick the model that suits you. Whether it is made of synthetic fiber or merinos wool, this type of underwear is warm and really soft on the skin. After that, complete your equipment with a midlayer like fleece and a tech jacket to make sure you spend a great winter, shielded in your fashionable gear!

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Buyer’s guide for warm and comfortable thermal underwear

Tempted by a new pair of leggings coupled with a long-sleeve t-shirt? This is your best insurance if you want to stay warm this winter and not be bothered by the cold weather when skiing. Major brands have complete lines of products that utilise perfectly the latest synthetic fibre available on the market. And as usual, on top of offering performance, manufacturers make their products stylish and fashionable!

Are thermal underwear really useful?

This type of clothing is so thin that you could easily question its utility. But its properties are so interesting that it turns out to be needed. Like a second skin, thermal underwear are designed to be as comfortable as possible. They benefit from high-end and ergonomic finish with flat seams or strategically placed paddings preventing from any friction on your skin. Basically, this means that you should not feel you are wearing something. And on top of being comfortable, these underwear are very important in terms of thermal regulation. May they be made from synthetic fibre of natural merinos wool, the fabrics are warm and breathable, designed to draw moisture away. Synthetic materials are generally cheaper, merinos wool is softer and naturally anti-bacterial, suited for riders with high expectations.

How not to go wrong when buying thermal underwear?

If you want to spend winter wrapped in warm clothes, definitely go for leggings and long-sleeve tee-shirts with a size adapted to you. Most technical underwear come in black colour but some brands like Helly Hansen release fashionable products with fancy colours. Take the time to check the different options or accessories available with the product. Some tops come with thumbs holes which can be convenient. Some synthetic materials sometimes feature odorless coating or you may want a rollneck collar. Choice is yours.

Discover our large selection of thermal underwear for women and take your comfort to another level!