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Kids hiking boots and shoes

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Low cut, mid cut or high ankle: choosing the right cuff height

The same way as adults models, kids hiking boots and shoes come in three cuff heights, low, mid and high. Of course, each has its own specificities.

Low cut models are perfect to let your kid’s ankles move freely. This flexibility allows children to fully enjoy hiking with you. They are not recommended for young hikers who have weak ankles.

In this case, consider high ankle models. These boots provide maximum foot support and prevent ankles from rolling. They guarantee stability on rugged terrain.

For a combination of safety and range of motion, try mid cut models. With an intermediate cuff height, you get the best balance so that your kid can enjoy any type of hike, especially short to medium distances.

Kids walking boots and shoes: technical features

Waterproof shoes and boots

It’s never pleasant get wet feet in rainy weather. This is why brands offer waterproof hiking boots and shoes. These models prevent water from getting in, improving comfort and preventing kids from getting sick. Most of the time, waterproof membranes are breathable.

Breathability to wick away moisture

When it’s not raining, keeping children’s feet dry is as important. When walking, especially in warm conditions, sweat can quickly become unpleasant. Breathability is essential to wick moisture away and let your kid’s feet breathe.

Outsoles: the key to hiking with confidence on mountain trails

Hiking involves a contact on the ground. For maximum traction, most brands use rubber, providing optimal grip on any terrain and for any outdoor activity. Lugs are used to increase traction and guarantee children can walk with confidence.

Girls and boys, comfortable unisex junior footwear

To make the buying process easier, kids walking boots and shoes are available in girls’ and boys' models. To make everyone happy and cater to every taste and style, brands offer various colourways.

Salomon, Adidas, Merrell... Kids models from renowned brands

The choice of hiking boots and shoes is getting bigger, allowing to find the right model for every kid. Brands understand that youngsters want to follow their parents and family on trips. This is the case of Salomon, Adidas, Merrell, as well as La Sportiva or Keen, the latter specialises in hiking sandals.