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Men's skating skis

Looking for a new pair of cross-country skating skis with bindings?

On Simon Fourcade Nørdic you can browse through a large selection of skating skis with matching bindings. Your level or motivation don't matter, you will find the ski and the binding suited to your needs. Our expert staff will take care mounting the bindings on your skis so they are ready to use when delivered.

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Skate skiing buyers' guide for men

Are you looking to buy a pair of skate skis with bindings? Simon Fourcade Nørdic's skate skiing packs for men are made for exactly that purpose! Nonetheless, do you still need guidance to achieve your objectives? Don't worry - this buyers' guide will explain everything and, if you still need more support, our experts have even prepared a specific tutorial that covers choosing cross-country skate skis, so don't hesitate to take a look at that as well.

What kind of skier are you?

When choosing the right pair of cross-country skis, it's vital to evaluate your requirements. Effectively, skis that are aimed at maximising performance are much less tolerant than those that are designed for leisure activities. To help you choose the right pair of skis, we have created three different categories: Race/Expert, Sports, and Leisure.

The Leisure category is aimed at skiers who are just starting out. These easy-to-use and easy-to-handle cross-country skate skis are the perfect way to start to experience the sensation of gliding over the snow and maintaining you balance. It's worth noting, however, that these skis are not designed to maximise performance. In effect, you have to bear in mind that you will encounter technical limitations very quickly, and their flexible camber will be less effective on compact or frozen snow. They are a perfect choice for occasional skiers, but we generally advise skiers who want to make rapid technical progress against choosing these skis.

Then there is the "Sports" category: skis for enthusiasts that offer a good standard of performance, while remaining more accessible than competition models. These skis feature the technology that is necessary for a more long-term approach to the ski skating technique. These skis offer lots of room for growth while remaining accessible and tolerant of minor technical imperfections.

As for battle-hardened skiers, they will be delighted with the skis that we have categorised as Race/Experts: skate skis that have been developed as a result of the racing efforts of prestigious brands in high-level competitions. Here, we are dealing with distinguished skis with exceptional gliding qualities. This range of skate skis might seem like a dream come true, but to appreciate them in full, we recommend that you have a solid technical basis and the will and the desire to perform at the highest level.

What size of skate ski should I choose?

Despite what you may think, the length of a ski is not determined by skiers' height, but by their weight. This is due to the fact that cross-country skis are manufactured with a camber to offset the force applied by the skier's mass. The longer the ski, the greater the camber and rigidity.

Here is a size table for skate skis.

- 40 to 47 kg = 165 to 170 cm

- 47 to 57 kg = 170 to 175 cm

- 57 to 65 kg = 175 to 180 cm

- 65 to 75 kg = 185 to 190 cm

- 75 kg or above = 190 cm or above

What kind of binding should I choose for my skate ski?

There are two aspects to take into consideration when choosing a binding.

First of all, you need to ensure compatibility with your ski boots. Look underneath your boots to see if there is one bar or two.

- If you only have one bar, your boots are compatible with the NNN and Prolink standards.

- If, on the other hand, you have two bars, your boots are only compatible with the SNS Pilot standard.

The next step is choosing the binding model: just like skis, some bindings are designed for performance and others to add comfort or safety for the skier. The choice is made depending on the type of ski you select. You will appreciate that there is no point in putting an ultra-high performance binding on a leisure ski, or vice versa. That's why our experts have already selected bindings to match our range of skis, and therefore you only have to choose from a few bindings once you've identified the standard - and you're done!

A tutorial is also available covering the topic of binding standards.

Your ski skating pack is assembled by our technicians!

Once you have chosen your skis, in the right size, and a suitable binding, your work is done. Our technicians will then take care of attaching your bindings to your skis, so all you have to do is put on your new kit and soak up the kilometres on the pistes!