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Skating women's skis

Wanna buy a women’s skating ski package with bindings?

Ladies, on Simon Fourcade Nørdic, you know you will find a skating ski package suited for your needs. From high performance skis to recreational ones, our experts have selected a large range of skis covering all skills and levels so that any women skier finds her match. Same thing with the bindings, we have preselected the bindings to match the skis, this will make your life easier.

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Buying guide for a woman's skating ski pack.

Winter is coming. Are you interested in acquiring a woman's skating ski pack with compatible bindings, but you just don't know where to begin to make the right choice? Don't worry, Simon Fourcade Nørdic will help you!

First of all, we suggest you read this little tutorial on choosing your skating skis. The experts from Simon Fourcade Nørdic will explain everything to you, from A to Z.

Which skating skis to choose for women?

Il faut savoir que les marques ne font que très rarement la différence entre homme et femme pour des skis. C’est pour cela que vous retrouvez bien souvent les mêmes skis que dans la catégorie homme. Mais pas de panique ceci n’a aucune influence sur votre manière de skier. Pour vous aider à faire votre choix, vous avez la possibilité de trier les skis dans 3 catégories.

The "leisure" category includes easy and stable skis. These are ideal for beginners or very occasional skiers who are looking for support and wanting to learn how to skate in the best way possible.

The second category is for those slightly more "sporty" skiers. These people are seeking sustainable skis that will support them in their efforts to improve their skating technique. The skis highlighted here have a good glide and a camber that responds very well to give you precise and direct support.

And finally, there's the Race/Expert category. There you will find the most powerful skis on the market. These top of the range skating skis allow committed skiers to reach their full potential thanks to the great accuracy and excellent response of the camber.

How to choose the size of your skating skis?

The size of the skis is an important factor in choosing your equipment. Cross-country skis, and skating skis especially, are both arched. This allows for a better transfer of energy for efficient coasting. The longer the skis are, the more arched and consequently rigid they are. To find the most appropriate skis for you, you'll need to consider your weight.

Here is a size grid for women's skating skis

- 40 to 47 kg = 165 to 170 cm

- 47 to 57 kg = 170 to 175 cm

- 57 to 65 kg = 175 to 180 cm

- 65 to 75 kg = 185 to 190 cm

- 75 kg and + = 190 cm and +

Which skating binding should I choose?

The choice of binding is important. But don't worry, our experts have already pre-selected a table of bindings based on each pair of skis to make your choice easier. However, you'll first need to make sure that the binding you choose is compatible with your skating boots. To do this, have a good look at the norm of your boots. If you're not sure, here's a useful way of finding out: Simply look underneath one of your boots and count the number of clips.

- If there are two clips, then you'll be skiing using the SNS Pilot norm. Your boots are only compatible with bindings of the same norm.

- If you can only see one clip, then your boots will be compatible with all other norms (NNN and Prolink)

But be careful! Contrary to what you may believe, the norm does not necessarily match the brand. For more information, don't hesitate to check out our tutorial on binding norms.

Your skating ski pack is put together by our technicians.

Once you've ordered your skating ski pack, our technicians will take over. They'll take care of fixing the bindings to your cross-country skis. All you have to do is put them on and start covering all of those kilometres of pistes with your new equipment!