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Nordic ski training and nutrition

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Let's get ready for the cross-country season.

Regardless of your level, training plays a huge part in the quest for performance. Whether it is for nutrition, physical training or post-session analysis thanks to ultra-connected GPS heart-rate tracker watches, everything you need is here.

What kind of training should I do for cross-country skiing?

To work on your thrust movement or for a simple endurance training when the weather doesn't allow for roller skis, the Ercolina machine is your best ally. Used by all the great nordic-ski nations, it will let you practice your simultaneous thrust gesture.

Core building is also important as is a good hold of your abdominal belt is primordial for effective energy transfers on your skis. Redcord products are fabulous for this kind of in-depth work. Very easy to use, they can be anchored everywhere with no effort.

What are the advantages of the GPS and heart rate watch?

Both trendy and functional, the GPS and heart rate watch has been accompanying athletes in their training for a few years now. It features very-practical and easy-to-use technologies to monitor your performances day after day. Some are even equipped with a software that determines your ideal recovery time and the periods when you will be in the best condition. That's more than a simple watch, it's an unbelievable training tool!

Which diet is best for cross-country skiing?

To get yourself ready for long outings or competitions, a regular glycemic intake is necessary to avoid sudden fatigue or cravings. Our nutrition range is perfect for sportsmen concerned about their physical fitness. All you need for a good preparation, an optimal recovery and a lots of energy during races awaits you here!