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Learn the skating technique in video

The Skating Technique allows you to gain speed and feel more thrilled. It is a modern technique getting more and more popular because it actually feels fun to practice it. However, it requires some serious training to be fully mastered. Check out Simon Fourcade Nordic's video tutorials and learn everything you need to know about skating.

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Video Tutorial Skate Skiing

The One Skate

The One Skate is one of the most versatile step. You can use it on flat sections or slight uphills. It is also useful to gain speed during sprints:

The Two Skate

The Two Skate is a technique suited for flat and downhill sections when you are going fast enough:

The Offset Technique

The Offset is a technique used on uphills, it combines one arm push for two leg pushes:

The Diagonal V Skate

The Diagonal V Skate is a technique that is physically undemanding, you can use it to recover on steep uphills:

Skating training

This skating exercise trains you on how to transfer efficiently your body weight from a leg to the other:

Finnstep training

The finnstep exercise was designed to help you learn how to push efficiently on one leg:

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