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Nordic binding Race Classic


View detailed description Nordic binding, Rossignol 2019

The new Rossignol Race Classic binding features an innovative release system and a construction enhancing power transfers and stability. Future skiers favourite.

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Nordic binding Rossignol Race Classic

This is probably going to be the most widely used binding in the next few years. The new innovative Turnamic system comes with a new release mechanism that works laterally and not vertically like most. The entire binding was built around this system and the binding doesn’t require a single tool to be tuned. It features wider plates for added stability and enhanced power transmissions. It is compatible with the new Turnamic boot soles but also with NNN and Prolink norms. The only standard that doesn’t work with it is the SNS.  

Weight: 228g.
Flex: 7.0.
Mechanism: Plastic.
Compatibility: Turnamic, NNN, Prolink.
Entry: Manual 

Product Name
Rossignol Race Classic
Product price
£38.10  instead of  £47.70
Specs Nordic binding Rossignol Race Classic
Year 2019




• Turnamic
Nordic Category
• Classic

Manufacturer info :


  • Turnamic


  • Compatible Turnamic, NNN, Prolink
  • Manual entry
  • Flex 7.0
  • 228g per pair
  • Plastic lever
  • Tool Free
  • 2 Turnamic guide rails
  • Low Profile
  • Turn Lock
  • Heel Pre-Adust
  • Torsion Proof Body  :

    The binding's geometry enhances lateral stiffness for a more efficient energy transfer. 

  • Flow Flex
  • Turnamic
  • Manual release  :

    Turnamic bindings make release easier. Push the lever sideways to pen. 

Nordic Category

  • Classic

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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)