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L'Ess Skiroll Roller ski Sprint Nis 600 Overview

L'Ess Skiroll

Customer reviews
Rating: 4 out of 5 1 reviews

Roller ski set Sprint Nis 600 + bindings

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Brand L'Ess Skiroll

Roller ski set Sprint Nis 600 + bindings

Customer reviews
Rating: 4 out of 5 1 reviews on this product

The ski wheel L'Ess Skiroll Sprint NIS 600 is well suited to learning the skating technique. A great value for money and a 100% Italian manufacture to not spoil anything!

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Ess Skiroll is a small Italian brand that develops rollerskis designed and manufactured in Italy. They have interesting concepts on the development of their models and are always looking for progress and innovation. The Sprint NIS model is available in three versions with three different beam lengths, 600mm, 650mm and 700mm. The 600mm version is aimed at a very wide audience with a standard beam length.

What are the characteristics of the L'Ess Skiroll Sprint NIS 600 skating wheel?

For the development of the rollerski and its technical characteristics, the Italian brand has relied on concepts that have already proven themselves in terms of beams. The beams, whatever their length, are all made of drawn aluminium alloy with heat treatment.The great novelty is the anchoring system of the fasteners, in fact a system directly integrated in the beam allows to fix the NNN standard fasteners by just screwing them. Another very interesting point, this system is equipped with sliding blocks that allow to move the bindings from front to back if needed. As for the wheels, we have chosen slow wheels for training, so that the sensations and the speed are as close as possible to skiing on snow. Conceived in polyurethane, they ensure a good grip when skating and a good comfort when riding on the asphalt.The rims are worked with a honeycomb structure that absorbs vibrations while offering a stiffness equivalent to aluminum but reducing the weight by 50%. The 600mm beam is perfect for learning the basics and progressing with a length that is easy to handle, whether skating or on technical sections such as turns. The model is equipped with mudguards, which can only be praised for its usefulness on wet roads. Apart from that, what is attractive is the fact of finding a product made in Italy at a very affordable price compared to the competition. After testing the models with different wheels and following the evolution of the quality of the products before referencing them, we are very happy to introduce this brand that works very seriously to our customers.

Who is the L'Ess Skiroll Sprint NIS 600 skating wheel for?

On this length which is the shortest of the model, we address above all to practitioners who need to take technical reference points and whose rollerskis must be a help and not a constraint. With this length 600mm, the rollerski is easier to handle and to drive and facilitates the apprehension of the technical passages and the driving in skating. It is a super model to put itself at ease and to learn technically without any constraint of limit of level.

What are the main qualities of the L'Ess Skiroll Sprint NIS 600 skating wheel?

  • Ease of guidance
  • Stability
  • Anchor blocks allowing to move the bindings if needed
  • Quality/price ratio

Technical characteristics :

  • Heat-treated drawn aluminium beam
  • Dimensions : 600x42x21mm
  • Wheel dimensions: 100x24mm
  • PU wheels hardness 75 Sh
  • Polymer rims with honeycomb structure reinforces the rigidity by limiting the weight
  • Anchoring blocks for fasteners that do not require drilling
  • Only compatible with NNN standard fixings


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