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Alpine ski set H86 + bindings

Intermediate - advanced

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The Zag H86 is an excellent all-mountain ski that shines on piste with its playful and tonic handling, despite that you can also count it on it for a bit of fun in light powder!

If you want to have fun all season long no matter the snow conditions, nothing beats the H86 all-mountain ski! A model that feels reactive on piste and floaty enough to jump in the pow on the sides.

What's on the agenda for the Zag H86 ski?

On hardpack, the H86 bites hard with an impressive torsional rigidity and a mad rebound out of turns. Needless to say that with a poplar/paulownia wood core, you can expect a lively handling! The contained weight brings a touch of forgiveness on the edge though and the ski almost steers on its own, you can build up speed, it will stay stable no matter the conditions. Truth be told, it works particularly well on crud, spring snows and light powder. The double rocker makes it very nimble for smooth turn entries and instinctive edge-to-edge power transfers. In a few words, it's a powerful ski that's easy to handle and incredibly effective on all types of snows.            

Who is the Zag H86 ski for?

This is the perfect weapon for intermediate and advanced riders who want a versatile piste that's as fun to ride on groomed than on light pow!

What are the main assets of the Zag H86?


Control on hardpack   


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