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Elan Alpine Ski Wingman 86 Ti Overview


Customer reviews
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 3 reviews

Ski Elan Wingman 86 Ti

Elan Alpine Ski Wingman 86 Ti Overview
Brand Elan

Ski Elan Wingman 86 Ti

Customer reviews
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 3 reviews on this product
  • Men
  • Winter 2021
  • Advanced - Expert
  • All-mountain
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The Wingman 86 Ti is the upscale model of Elan's Wingman range. With its 86mm waist, it has no trouble going through the fresh and yet is still performant on piste! All of that with a super smooth handling.

What's on the agenda for the Elan Wingman 86 Ti ski?

The Wingman 86 Ti is at ease no matter the conditions. floating well on powder thanks to its front rocker and slaying the pistes with its asymmetrical Amphibio design. The rockers are inclined inwards to boost the grip and facilitate turn entries, the result? An incredible handling on piste that allows you to chain turns with unparalleled precision. This a pleasant and performant pair of sticks that will take you from the pistes to the sides and vice versa.

Who is the Elan Wingman 86 Ti ski for?

This ski will suit advanced and expert skiers looking for a versatile model that can face all snow conditions. It's a powerful ski made to carve all the way down.

What are the main assets of Elan Wingman 86 Ti?



Smooth handling

Detailed specifications

Ski category



Advanced - Expert

Advandced Program

  • Ease of use

  • Freestyle

  • Powder

  • Piste


166 cm


14.7 m

  • 130
  • 86
  • 115


Classic camber + rocker

Classic camber + rocker

Technical data Ski Wingman 86 Ti

  • Waist width (mm)

  • Year

    Winter 2021
  • Level

    Advanced - Expert
  • Ski category

  • Ski Interface

  • Structure - Construction

  • Core

    Wood core
  • Tip

  • Rockered Tail

  • Ski Camber

  • Shape

    Directional (front tip)
  • Structure - Construction

    Mono TI
    SST Sidewalls
    Laminated woodcore
    Amphibio truline technology
  • Type of turns

  • Reference nr

  • Season

    Winter 2021
  • Classic camber + rocker
  • Gender

  • Radius


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When your base is damaged and shows shallow scratches or rock gouge, it is possible to repair it.

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