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How to choose a splitboard with Glisshop

If you are addicted to snowboarding and you are interested about splitboarding to discover secret spots in the mountain and ride further in the wild, then you’re in the right place. This is Glisshop buyer’s guide for splitboards. Here, you can learn everything you need to know about these very special snowboards and you’ll have a glance at what’s available on the market. If you’ve always wanted to tour like skiers but with your snowboard, this is your chance.

First things first, what is a splitboard?

Like ski touring, splitboarding allows riders to explore the wild and untamed parts of the mountain. A splitboard will help you reach spots that have never been ridden before. But how? A splitboard, as its name suggests, splits into several parts to turn into a pair of touring skis. Manufacturers are being very innovative and keep releasing new technologies. Nitro, Jones or Rossignol offer splitboards that split in two while Salomon stands out with a board that splits in 4 parts. The central part can be stored in your backpack.

What gear do you need for splitboarding?

Basically, a splitboard is a board that splits into two ski-like parts that can be used as touring skis. Some splitboards can split into more than 2 halves, in this case, you’ll have 2 “skis” and the extra bits are meant to be stored in your backpack. You will use this split mode for ascending, using climbing skins and ski poles. For the downhill, you’ll reassemble your skis to make a regular freeride snowboard. To make sure you can splitboard safely, here is what you need:

- A split board
- Assembling clips
- Climbing skins trimmed to fit the ‘skis’
- Crampons
- Splitboard bindings or a compatible interface
- Poles for skinning uphill

Glisshop splitboard selection:

The NOMAD Splitboard by Nitro

Nitro's Nomad is a splitboard with an excellent value for money. It is a good pick as a first split and allows newcomers to begin without ripping their bank account.

Technical specifications for a 161cm splitboard :
Waist width: 258mm
Flat camber with rocker
Directional shape
Power pods for added edge control

On Glisshop, the Nitro Nomad splitboard comes with the clips, the Black Diamond trimmed climbing skins and the Voilé interface.

Recommended Retail Price: €659.90

The DOPPLEGANGER splitboard by Nitro

The Doppleganger is a high-end splitboard from Nitro. It features the latest technologies like the Hike Pods, a unique geometry of the edges ensuring a better grip on the uphill.

Technical specifications for a 160cm splitboard :
Waist width: 256mm
Stiff flex
Freeride camber
Directional shape
Hike pods for added grip on the uphill

On Glisshop, the Nitro Doppleganger splitboard comes with the clips, the Black Diamond trimmed climbing skins and the Voilé interface.

Recommended Retail Price: €759.90

The women's VOLTA Splitboard by Nitro

The Nitro Volta is a splitboard designed for women riders. The board is light and nimble with a full poplar core.

Technical specifications for a 141cm splitboard :
Waist width: 242mm
Flat camber with rocker
Directional shape
Power pods for added edge control

On Glisshop, the Nitro Volta comes with the clips, the Black Diamond trimmed climbing skins and the Voilé interface.

Recommended Retail Price: €659.90

The Salomon Premiere Splitboard:

The Salomon Premiere is a very interesting 4-part splitboard. The middle part splits in two and can be easily stored in your backpack. The Premiere makes ascents a lot easier because the width of your 'skis' is not as important as on other splitboards. You can easily follow the tracks of other skiers and it feels more manoeuverable as well.

Waist width: 262mm for a 157cm split.

On Glisshop, the Salomon Premiere comes with the clips, the pre-trimmed climbing skins and the crampons.

Recommended Retail Price: €1299.90

The Jones Solution Splitboard:

Stiff and powerful splitboard with a traditional camber and a tip and tail rocker. The Jones Solution floats pow like a dream and feels super responsive and snappy.

Waist width: 254mm for a 164cm splitboard.

Recommended Retail Price: €899.90€

The Explorer splitboard by Jones Snowboards:

With the Jones Explorer, you can explore the entire mountain and find the best freeride spots ever. The board features superior build-quality along with a high-end finish and an excellent value for money.

Waist width: 254mm for a 159cm board.

Recommended Retail Price: €699.90

The K2 Panoramic splitboard:

The K2 Panoramic splitboard is suited for good riders who want something stiff and powerful to tackle the slopes with style.

Technical specifications for a 158cm splitboard :
Waist width: 249mm
Flat camber with rocker
Directional shape
All-Terrain Baseline for added floatation on powder

On Glisshop, the Panoramic splitboard by K2 comes with the clips, the trimmed touring skins and the Voilé interfaces.

Recommended Retail Price: €999.90

Let's go through the accessories you need to practice splitboarding:

Splitboard assembly clips

Before you hit the slopes you will need to reassemble your splitboard with specific clippers: assembly clips. Once they are locked, you get a stiff board offering a nice freeride feel.

The assembly clips are always provided with the splitboard.

Splitboard climbing skins

In order to face the slope and stop sliding backwards when you climb, you need to use climbing skins. They are similar to regular skins used for ski touring.

Climbing skins or touring skins are either made of 100% mohair or fully or partly made of synthetic materials. Mohair wool delivers greater glide performance but it is more fragile and wears out faster. In order to improve durability, manufacturers often mix mohair wool with synthetic materials like nylon in order to get the best of both worlds.

K2 splitboard climbing skins

The skins are attached on the tips of the split skis with the hooks provided or any other system provided with your skins. The skins stick to the base of your 'ski' thanks to glue or alternative technologies like silicon.

In order to make your life easier, when you order a splitboard on Glisshop, you get the skins trimmed to fit with it.

Splitboard bindings:

In regards with splitboard bindings, there are two options available. Either your splitboard is compatible with a splitboard-specific binding like Karakoram or Plum bindings, or your splitboard requires an interface allowing you to use your traditional snowboard bindings.

Here is a quick summary of splitboards and bindings compatibility:

Splitboard crampons

Another accessory you may need is: touring crampons. They come right under the binding and allow you to get a rock-solid grip on hard and icy snow. They will keep you on the slope and will prevent from critical slides during ascents. Karakoram crampons can be easily installed during the tour.

Karakoram Split-30 crampon on binding:

Karakoram bindings:

They are the industry-leading bindings, specifically designed for splitboarding. These bindings were made as light as possible in order to make ascents easier, but more importantly, they are extremely convenient and easy to use. With a Karakoram binding, you can switch from tour to snowboard mode in a jiffy and that's pretty cool when you're freezing on the top of a mountain!

Karakoram Splitboard Connect Splitboard Prime Connect by Karakoram
Splitboard Prime de Karakoram Splitboard Prime 1 by Karakoram

Touring mode:

We may state the obvious but it is important: once you have split your board you need to swap the skis around. The right side of the board becomes your left ski and the left side of the board becomes your right ski. This will avoid the tips to get in the way of each other.

Feel free to use the heel-lifts as well. They help compensate the slope, allowing you to stand in a more natural position. This will help you save efforts. These risers can be easily put on or removed with your pole. Oh, we didn't mention the poles yet did we? If you want to climb, you are going to have to use ski poles! They really help. Have a look at our telescopic poles, they are pretty handy as you can fold them in your backpack when it's time to snowboard down the hill!

The binding allows a natural walk motion when set in tour mode. Your heel lifts up and lets you climb the slope effortlessly.

Downhill mode:

In order to ride downhill as you would normally do with a snowboard, you have to switch your bindings into ride mode. You'll be able to set them up (stance, position, etc) like a regular snowboard binding.

Splitboard binding Split 30

Now you know pretty much anything you need to get into splitboarding. If you want to make that final step and strap on a splitboard to explore the mountain, pay us a visit!

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