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Plum splitboard

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Choosing the right Plum splitboard?

The French brand offers a range of splitboards consisting of only three models: the Plum Prems, the Plum Talps and the Plum Transition. The Prems and the Talps came first.

The Prems is the versatile model, which can be used for both freeride and backcountry. A high-performance board that can be used both in powder snow and to load on a natural kicker. It is easy to handle on all types of terrain and is suitable for beginners.

The Talps is a model for experts looking for a board suitable for the high mountains, with which you can ride hard on freeride and steep slopes. It is distinguished by its very long curve radius which provides an exceptional stability and a perfect grip. Ultra-directional, it benefits from a superb flotation in the snow.

To celebrate Plum's 7th anniversary, the brand created a splitboard in collaboration with the surf brand Rip Curl. The teams of both brands developed a splitboard with a beautiful surf-inspired design, the Plum Transition. In terms of performance and commitment, it will be classified between the Prems and Talps, from the least demanding to the most radical. The Transition is powerful on its edge, floats without limits but requires a bit of commitment on the way down to be handled correctly. It is very comfortable on ascents. It is light and makes conversions easier.

About the Plum splitboards

Plum splitboards are manufactured in the Giffre massif in Haute-Savoie at Les Shapers Alpins, a group of snowboard manufacturers behind the brands Aluflex, Fiberflex and Green Snowboards.