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Picture Ski Helmets

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How about a new Picture helmet?

If wearing a helmet on groomed slopes is not (yet) compulsory, it remains one of the most important piece of safety you can wear. Commited to sustainability, Picture release their first line of ski helmets, 100% made of recycled materials and featuring a shell built on a polymere derived from corn.

These helmets are perfectly suited for wearing goggles and come with effective venting systems that evacuate moisture and sweat to improve comfort. The brand releases several sizes as well as adjustable helmets in order to help every rider find the perfect fit. Of course, Picture are also known for their creativity and you’ll appreciate the removable cap, washable earpads or chin guard and the large panel of colours available.

With Picture ski helmets, you have the guarantee to be perfectly equipped on the slopes. Picture helmets stick to the norm CE EN 1077 ensuring optimal protection. Like any PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), their maximal lifespan lasts 5 years due to the extreme conditions they encounter. They must be replaced as soon as they have received an impact.

You can recognize Picture anywhere with their iconic tree. Wear one and you’ll be surprised to see how many riders will look at you. Needless to try how strong they are though. Avoid the trees and the lifts towers, the first rule of safety is to ride with caution.