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Sole Carv Digital Ski Coach

The Digital Ski Coach by Carv is a connected insole that analyzes your performances and coaches you in real-time through a free smartphone app.

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Do you want to become a better alpine skier? Do you wish to measure your performances, understand how to improve and find out your top speed you've reached today? Thanks to the Carv connected insoles and their free smartphone app, it is now possible!

The Carv system includes two insolestwo electronic boxes to clip to the top end of your boot and a free mobile app to download on your smartphone. With its 96 pressure sensors, the insole registers your performances all-day long with more than 35 measurements per turn!

Your smartphone gives you a direct access to your performances with the distance travelled, elevation changes, top and average speed, etc. You will be coached in real time with precise tracking metrics that will help you perfect your technique. At each turn, you will be assessed over different points such as your balance, fluidity, turning radius, the pressure exerted, your angle, etc. And all of these parameters will determine a ski "IQ" that you can compare with the other skiers of the Carv community.

With Carv, ride connected, improve your skills and compare your progress with your family, your friends and athletes all over the world.


entrainement ski avec le système Carv


A world-class ski instructor that follows you everywhere

Ski lessons are fun but you can't have an instructor with you all the time. Well, actually, you can! With Carv, improve your technique with real-time audio feedback at each turn and get personalized advice as if your were with your own ski instructor!


Application Carv

A new method developed with the Olympic champions.

The Carv connected insoles measure your balance and the different pressure points on the sole in real time.

With the Carv ranking, compare yourself to your friends and family everywhere to finally find out who's the best.

Face your fellow skiers on all of the resort's pistes, everywhere in the world.




Exploitable results for skiers:

With more than 50 pressure and movement sensors on each feet, you'll be able to see what truly happens in your ski boot for the very first time.

Whether you are a casual skier or a high performance athlete, Carv defines the optimum goals depending on your data to make the most of your piste outings.

Are you leaning back too much? Carv also gives you tips to quickly improve your score!

Application Carv





  • Free downloadable application
  • Accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope
  • 96 pressure sensors
  • Compatible with all sensors
  • Fully-waterproof system
  • 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity
  • 30-hour autonomy
  • 2h charging time via USB
  • Compact and light (<2mm for about 300g)
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