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What is Polartec?

Polartec is an innovative and sustainable fabric technology, making it the ideal solution for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Renowned for its insulating and breathable properties, this material mimics the thermal qualities of wool in a much lighter format. Whether for a jacket, vest, beanie, or even gloves, Polartec meets the demands of various activities. With variations like Polartec Thermal Pro or Power Grid, you are guaranteed optimal comfort and performance.

A Fleece Fabric That Changed Everything

The story begins in 1906, when Malden Mills was founded in Lawrence, USA. For decades, the company produced traditional fabrics until a major innovation occurred in 1981 that led to its success. In response to a growing demand for high-performance sports clothing, Malden Mills developed the first synthetic fibre fleece fabric. This fabric, later named Polartec, changed the game for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a lightweight and durable alternative to traditional wool.

Polartec, How Does It Work?

The Polartec fabric is the result of advanced textile engineering, designed to deliver performance similar to that of merino wool. At the heart of its functionality is its unique ability to regulate temperature and manage moisture. Polartec fibres are structured in a way to create air pockets that trap and retain body heat, thus providing efficient insulation without adding weight. Alongside this insulation capability, the fabric is highly breathable. The specially designed fibres wick sweat and moisture away from the skin, allowing moisture to evaporate quickly on the fabric's surface. This accelerated evaporation ensures that the wearer stays dry, thus reducing the risk of cooling due to perspiration. Additionally, the fabric's structure allows for significant stretch, ensuring unrestricted range of motion. By combining these properties of insulation, breathability, and elasticity, Polartec offers a perfect balance between comfort and performance, suited for a multitude of activities and weather conditions.

Thermal-Pro, Neoshell, Fleece Series, Power Grid, Alpha... The Different Polartec Fabrics

Technical Base Layer

Polartec Delta: Designed to optimise the body's natural temperature regulation, Delta uses a unique radiative structure to enhance the cooling effect through evaporation, while providing excellent breathability and quick drying.

Polartec Power Dry: Specially designed to wick away moisture, Power Dry uses a dual-component construction to move moisture away from the skin and spread it on the outer surface for quick evaporation.

Polartec Power Grid: Featuring a grid design, this fabric provides superior insulation while being lightweight. The open channels enhance breathability and reduce the fabric's weight.

Polartec Power Stretch: This fabric is made to fit closely to the body, offering four-way stretch for maximum freedom of movement while retaining warmth.

Polartec Power Stretch Pro: An evolution of Power Stretch, the Pro version offers increased strength and durability without compromising flexibility or breathability.

Polartec Power Wool: Combining the benefits of natural wool and synthetic fibres, Power Wool offers optimal thermal regulation, moisture wicking, and increased durability.

Insulating Fabric That Keeps You Warm

Polartec Alpha: Designed for active insulation, Alpha is highly breathable, wicks moisture, and provides consistent warmth without overheating.

Polartec Alpha Direct: A variant of Alpha, Direct provides direct skin insulation, optimising breathability and thermal regulation.

Polartec Fleece Series: The iconic series from Polartec, offering reliable warmth, durability, and versatility for a variety of activities.

Polartec Hardface: A technology that provides enhanced resistance to abrasion and water, while maintaining flexibility and breathability.

Polartec High Loft: Maximising warmth without the weight, High Loft provides superior insulation through its unique structure.

Polartec Power Air: An innovation that traps air to increase warmth while reducing fibre shedding, contributing to durability and reducing the environmental footprint.

Polartec Power Air I-Beam: An evolution of Power Air, I-Beam offers an improved structure for better air retention and increased insulation.

Polartec Power Fill: An insulation solution made of fully recycled synthetic fibres, offering warmth, compressibility, and lightness.

Polartec Shearling Fleece: Inspired by lamb's wool, this fabric offers cozy warmth with classic aesthetics.

Polartec Thermal Pro: An advanced variant of fleece, offering superior warmth, breathability, and a textured aesthetic.

Polartec Wind Pro: Four times more wind-resistant than traditional fleece, while still remaining breathable.

Weather protective layer

Polartec Neoshell: Providing waterproof protection while being incredibly breathable, Neoshell is ideal for intense activities in wet conditions.

Polartec Power Shield: A water and wind-resistant barrier, Power Shield provides protection without compromising range of motion or comfort.

Polartec Windbloc: As the name suggests, Windbloc offers excellent wind resistance while maintaining optimal breathability.

In Which Garments Is Polartec Technology Found?

In Jackets

Jackets made with Polartec technology are synonymous with performance and comfort. Whether it's for skiing, hiking, mountaineering, or simply walking around town in cool weather, these jackets offer unmatched protection against the elements. Thanks to its unique ability to regulate temperature and manage moisture, users enjoy good thermal insulation without the risk of overheating. Polartec jackets are also designed to be breathable, quickly wicking away sweat and moisture to keep the wearer dry. In addition, with options like Polartec Neoshell or Polartec Power Shield, the jackets offer additional protection against wind and rain.

In Technical Base Layers

Technical base layers made of Polartec are essential for those seeking maximum performance during intense activities. Acting as a second skin, this underwear effectively wicks moisture away from the skin, thereby reducing the risk of cooling due to perspiration. For instance, Polartec Power Wool technology combines the benefits of natural wool and synthetic fibres to offer optimal thermal regulation. These technical base layers also ensure great freedom of movement, thanks to stretch fabrics like Polartec Power Stretch.

In Trousers

Whether for skiing, hiking, or climbing, trousers made of Polartec offer a combination of warmth, protection, and great range of motion. Polartec technology allows for thermal insulation without adding bulk, meaning users can stay warm without feeling weighed down. Additionally, the moisture-wicking capability ensures that the wearer remains dry, even during intense activities. These trousers are also designed to be durable, resisting abrasion and tears, making them ideal for challenging terrains.

In Gloves

Hands are often the first to feel the cold, which is why gloves made of Polartec are a favoured choice for many outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to Polartec's thermal insulation, these gloves provide consistent warmth without compromising dexterity. Whether you're mountaineering, skiing, or just walking in cold weather, these gloves guarantee your hands remain protected and warm.

In Beanies

A Polartec beanie is more than just a fashion accessory. It provides essential protection against the cold, especially in windy or wet conditions. Its insulation capability ensures that warmth is trapped, while allowing moisture to evaporate. This means that even during intense activities, the wearer remains dry and comfortable. Additionally, Polartec beanies are lightweight and packable, making them easy to carry on trips or expeditions.

Patagonia, Millet, Dynafit... Many Brands Use It

Millet, Patagonia, and Dynafit are among the big names in the outdoor industry that have adopted Polartec technology in their product lines. Patagonia was the first brand to use the technology at its inception in 1981 with its Synchilla fleece. These brands, known for their commitment to innovation and quality, have chosen Polartec for the exceptional performance its fabrics offer.