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Ski boots Nordica SpeedMachine 130 Noir Rouge Blanc

Winter 2017
Advanced - expert

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Year 2017
Gender Men
Boot category Sporty
Flex 130
Thermo-moldable Yes
100 mm

Nordica are bringing back their notorious Speedmachine...with a few upgrades. Engineers re-designed the boot with innovation in mind and it worked out as they returned with an ISPO award in their pocket. This new Speedmachine combines a modern look with high performance. It features a revolutionary bi-injected PU shell. The red part is thin and flexible while the black part offers stiffness and improves energy transmissions to the ski. The Speedmachin 130 is a hard-charging boot with a 100mm forefoot width and a flex rating at 130.

What can the Nordica Speedmachine 130 do? 

This boot turns out to be Nordica's new flagship and it's made for ripping and tearing apart any terrain the mountain has to offer. On piste you get a boot delivering a nice and nimble feel with superior energy transmissions allowing fast edge to edge transfers and great precision. You can ride as fast as you want, the boot will respond as you expect and without complaining. It fits perfectly and provides a solid and firm support to aggressive skiers. Long turns, short turns, carving, powder, the boot does it all with style. It deals with any snow conditions as if it was easy and hops on and off piste naturally. This new version was built lighter without any compromise made on performance. The boot also gets more comfortable thanks to its new premium cork liner propelling it to the top and making it one of the best boot available on the market. 

Who is the Nordica Speedmachine 130 designed for? 

So much performance can't be handled by anyone. The Speedmachine 130 is suited for advanced or expert skiers who ride hard and fast, with high technical and physical skills. The boot is stiff and requires power to be tamed. The fit is excellent and feels like a second skin which is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the boot. Comfort, performance and precision come with the Speedmachine, make sure you're ready for it. 

What are the main assets of the Nordica Speedmachine 130?




Présentation Speedmachine 2017 de Nordica
Modern, lighter, 100% customisable

Creating beautiful products that are as simple and pure as they are functional has always been Nordica's goal. They designed the Speedmachine as a collection of boots with unparalleled fit, performance and customizable capabilities that we are now at a compelling beginning, where modern boot technology is truly improving the On-mountain performance. 

Lightweight athletic equipment is fundamentally important, so Nordica devolved a whole new lightweight shell interface specific to the challenges associated with a product this light. The Tri-Force frame design is a remarkable concept, using an anatomical shell design that channels energy through the body of the boot to the edges of your skis. It allows nimble and precise movements while critically maintaining the highest level of comfort. 

Discover a new ultra thin chassis made of bi-injected PU

The red part is ultra thin and ultra light and makes the boot comfortable. The black part is hard and stiff and offers added durability and high performance. This is the secret receipe of this high-end weapon.  


Nouveau châssis ultra léger Speedmachine 130 de Nordica

Nouvelle construction tri force Speedmachine 2017 de Nordica
New triforce construction

Check out the new modern lightweight design and the bi-injected PU performance chassis. The thinner shell provides a better wrapping around the foot and a more ergonomic fit as well as easier entry with the soft flap. 

A new era of boot customization

Tri-fit customization is the next level in truly personalizing ski boots. by focusing on the shell, the liner and the key hardware components, we were able to create an easy to use technology that seamlessly and comfortably connects the foot with the liner and shell. the key to unlocking this technology is our infrared shell customization heating element used in conjunction with our nordica custom cork liner system and oven. these two technologies allow 100% customization of both the liner and the boot shell in precisely the areas only where it’s need to achieve to the perfect fitting ski boot.

Customisation Trifit sur la nouvelle Speedmachine 130 de Nordica

Customisation Speedmachine 2017 de Nordica
100% boot customization

Buckles, straps, canting, soles, every element of the Speedmachine was designed to be replaces if necessary. They are screwed and therefore easily removable. This also makes manual adjustments easier. 

Custom Cork Fit Technology

A custom liner for ideal adjustment: combining natural cork with premold 3D compound, the custom cork liner delivers comfort and performance and remains entirely customizable. You can heatmold it simply and fast in 8 minutes with a specific oven to get the perfect fit.

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