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What sledge should you get for the winter?

As soon as the first flakes start to fall, the snowfields become a giant playground for young and old. The sledge outing is the perfect family activity for the winter, what a pleasure to ride down the slopes so close to the ground in your little rocket! Who never dreamed of riding a bobsleigh like Sanka in Cool Runnings?

What are the different sledge models?

For true riding sensations, using an old tarp or a garbage bag won't do! You need a decent winter sledge that is both secure and aerodynamic. At Glisshop we have selected a variety of sledge models but in the end, all have the same agenda: skids, slides and bursts of laughter! And we have sledges for all tastes, budgets and sizes.

You are looking for a cheap sledge that's easy to move around? The shovel sledge was made for you. You can hardly get closer to the snow than with the Quicky kids sledge, it is so light and easy to use that your toddlers will be able to climb back to the top of the slope on their own.

What baby sledge is the best?

Thought out for the little ones who still need to be towed safely, the Didoo is the ideal baby sledge with its bucket seat and three-point harness.

Kids 1-place sledge or kids 2-place sledge?

If your little monsters are brave enough to try 360° slides, go for the Frisby sledge! Well hooked to the handles, they will enjoy a maximum of sensations while going sideways all the way down the hill. For more stability and precision, opt for the traditional Weez sledge with its seating position and two brakes. If the speed and slides stay under control, the most fun you can get is with the Weez 2-place sledge version in which your kids will share their best riding moments as well as some of their most beautiful falls. There is no age to have fun with your family or friends so unleash your inner kid for a ride and defy them with your adult Slidy sledge. Do not wait until the snow melts before taking a decision, put your boots on and let it rip!