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GNU snowboard sets

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Gnu Planche Snowboard Antigravity OverviewVerdad Fix Snowboard Pro Binding Overview
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The Gnu Antigravity: A responsive, manoeuvrable, and precise all-mountain freestyle snowboard designed for intermediate and advanced riders to carve on groomers and send jumps on backcountry powder. 

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  • 159W
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Gnu Planche Snowboard Gloss OverviewDrake Fix Snowboard Queen Black Overview
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The Gnu Gloss is a versatile, twin-tip women's snowboard offering powerful turns, great grip, and playful freestyle performance with its unique W camber and Magne Traction edges.

  • 148
Gnu Snowboard Money OverviewVerdad Fix Snowboard Pro Binding Overview
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The Gnu Money snowboard, made by Mervin, is a sustainable, high-quality model offering versatility, playfulness, and accessibility for all-mountain freestyle riding.

  • 154W
Gnu Snowboard Riders Choice OverviewDrake Snowboard Binding Fifty Black Overview
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The Gnu Riders Choice is a versatile, all-mountain freestyle snowboard, perfect for advanced to expert riders, offering excellent manoeuvrability, stability, and precision.

  • 157.5


Why buy a GNU snowboard as a package with bindings?

Because GNU snowboards are made in an environmentally friendly factory in the United States.

If you approach the eye of a GNU snowboard, you will see a small "Mervin Made" insert, meaning that your board was made in the Mervin factory, located in the northwestern United States in Washington State and self-designated as the "greenest snowboard manufacturing facility". In addition to being the only snowboard factory located in the USA, the Mervin factory uses wood from sustainable resources, basalt fiber instead of fiberglass, soy sidewalls instead of toxic ABS, and bio-plastic topsheets made from castor oil as an alternative to petroleum-based plastic. No toxic or carcinogenic varnishes are used to decorate the boards and the graphics are printed with water-based inks. Finally, the production processes are also optimized in order to reuse or recycle waste.

snowboard Gnu

Because the GNU snowboard decors benefit from the shape Lib Tech technologies

Manufactured in the same factory as the Lib Tech snowboards, GNU snowboards also share the same technologies. The famous Magne-Traction corrugated edges and the "Banana" camber give GNU snowboards high performance and prove the brand's slogan "GNU, Unreal Snowboarding" right.

Because GNU snowboards are designed by great artists.

And yes, these boards are not only eco-designed, they also benefit from original decorations made in collaboration with renowned artists. For the 2019-2020 collection, we found famous names in the world of art and snowboarding, such as the much sought-after Lucas Beaufort. All of which is enough to create colourful and original snowboards that will not go unnoticed on the slopes!