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Snowboard Gnu Hyperkyarve

Advanced - expert
Freeride all-mountain
Hiver 2021

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The Hyperkyarve model from GNU is a snowboard dedicated to the curve and particularly efficient on piste.


Snowboard category Freeride All-mountain
Gender Men
Year H21
Snowboard camber W Rocker
Insert 4X2
Shape Directional

The Hyperkyarve is a directional snowboard that benefits from the specificities of the GNU brand. For example, it has a C2x hybrid camber which mixes camber and rocker to work on all types of snow, as well as a Magne-Traction edge that increases grip on hard snow. It also benefits from the eco-friendly manufacturing process at the Mervin factory in Seattle where it was made, which favours durable and non-toxic materials, limits waste and uses electricity from renewable resources.  

What is the program of the GNU Hyperkyarve snowboard?  

With a name like that, the “Hyperkyarve” the purpose is clear: to cut the slopes with powerful carved turns. However, it reserves some nice surprises for the powder snow. Thus, with its directional shape, with volume at the front and a specific tail configuration, combined with a well reclined foot position, the board floats naturally in the snow and makes turns with a disconcerting fluidity whether on or off piste. The hybrid camber works on all types of snow and, to reinforce grip on the piste and hold the edge when carving, you can count on the effectiveness of the Magne-Traction edges. Finally, the high-performance construction provides all the stability you need for maximum speed and thrills! 

Who is the GNU Hyperkyarve snowboard for?  

This model is intended for experienced or expert snowboarders looking for a board that offers maximum precision and control in curves, allowing them to carve hard on the slopes while riding behind the pickets when the conditions are right.  

What are the main qualities of the GNU Hyperkyarve snowboard?  




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